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The dawn of faith

mares of the night.

The wonders of demise

follows the darkness of light.

Danger and dagger

hidden behind my fright.

I sleep and fall with my cloak

as I waltz in delight.

The beauty in my nation

was the secret in my history.

Now I leap with my era

yet not broken beyond my awful mystery.

Wich they beheld The truth

should I arise with the untold.

In the shallow air

I breath to last as foretold.


I hold my broken rose

as I was fond of being blindfold.

To bleed with my thorn

I shall remain uncontrolled.

In beauty I believe

and with wrath I shall grow.

But, at last,

to perceive my own age

I ought to be my shadow.

Let me fall as I rose,

because that darkness is my rainbow.


2 responses to “‘Explicare,”

    • A million times thank you, Dracul van helsing! I do my best every time and I truly truly appreciate your loving comment ❤️ just got no words, I’m just truly grateful and thankful for the fact that you read my art❤️


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