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  • ‘Luscious,


    Now I am alone where I ponder of the death. Between heaven and hell I inhale my last breath. My earth, my heart and my vein connect with your blooming rose. The smell of defeat conquers with your unwritten prose. With my both hands I pray with my saviour as they demolish my sacred meadows. […]

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  • ‘Decandent,


    With my bare feet I walk over my earth. Now I feel the cold linger through my water.   One with my mother and in sorrow with my stream. That was my happiness thus, she walked in between. How come I was afraid for the undeniable if the world was not afar? I sought and […]

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  • ‘Pride,


    My earth, I solum swear to sleep with you in my heart. Like death I felt my dying rhyme skip that hollow vain, now I speak with no breath; “With nothing but emptiness, hope and hollowness I walk down my lane and swim throughout your vein. They laughed to my depart, but now, with music […]

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  • 3000 gratitudes

    3000 gratitudes

    If I ever had to believe the person that I used to be, the person that would always doubt his ability and never trust his strength , than I would have never believed that I would reach 3000 Followers on my blog. Yes, some are true and some are not, but one thing is for […]

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  • ‘Tr&wCuba,


    HELLO, CUBA Just one Cuban away,  My rose igniteAs those thornsTwinkle like light.Endless hope wandersThrough my mind,Where I have loveFor my rare kind.   I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE; Conquer & Hope Had to be my reasonAnd my desire as I elope.Kisses and dreamsThose are hiddenBetween my lost envelope. It’s time for the misfits […]

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  • ‘WTAMA,


    Welcome fellow artist, writers and readers. Today I have the following question I want to ask you; “I am looking for whatever creative artist that exist for my next Project ‘Where the artist meets art, Here I will be sharing your work on my website for many people to see. I have started this project […]

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  • ‘This thursday,

    ‘This thursday,

    Gosh, I don’t even know how to start. Don’t even know what I should say or talk about at this moment. It’s been a while since I even shared a little thing about myself, poetry or whatsoever about my goals. As many of you noticed I have been Offline for a while, until 2.5 weeks […]

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  • ‘ascend,


    Whenever I howl for my night I conquer my own light. That breath I set into my fight Had not to be my fright. To whom hears my tears I surrender into my peers. From shallow mind To hollowed mankind I see for the blind…. As slowly I get defined. I Have not given all […]

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  • ‘Liberation,


    This dream haunts with my sympathy as I bloom and flee under my realm. A Midnight stroll echoes to my flower, where I kiss and linger as I felt overwhelmed. To what I have owed, to what I have given it becomes my reason to cry. So I feel my night, under my sight and […]

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  • ‘Forgiving,


    Just before I close my eyes I ask myself; “What if?” Where I endeavour the hollow between my sadness, thus I spell and whittle words with my tongue and madness. As the night echoes and the stars shine will I believe or will I intertwine? But, fear overwhelms the brightness in my eyes, as I […]

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  • ‘Sojourn,


    As I was lost in the meadows my scream echoes with my fall, where I surrender merely I remember my broken wall. In the afar distance I see the enemy of all. The one whom conquered with blood during nightfall. It is I who divides beauty from hell and it is I whom kisses my […]

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  • ‘Contretemps,


      As I leap, a brief connection between ebb and tide, falls between your sight. Thus I create my own path as I lean onto your night. Within that distance peace was one with my light. A guidance to my path, but yet, I linger with fright. Though, how fragile I left I evolve with […]

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  • ‘Titanism,


    But what reflects the mirror in my eye if I can’t see what you have to decide? Where the light in the darkness reflects my hollow moonlight. Whereas I see a bright star and a looming rose from afar. I Have spoken with the death as the night wanders, one to one, I whittle and […]

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  • ‘Impetus,


    On the edge of my time I seek for the right mind and as my past flashes by I feel declined, but now I bloom and bleed for my kind. Hidden behind a wall of secrets I waltz with the enemy of lies, As I hear your cries, of what you have become I shatter […]

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