Take my hand and share me your thought.

On your chest my head rest uncaught. I was

Unaware from my mistakes. Don’t hold me down.

Cause; “You didn’t want me anymore around.”

How can I take thee soul with me to the end of time?


May I share our love, joy and tears? Or do

You only care about your fears?


Seeking for love through a black hole,

Owned by misery and no control. Take thee

Universe; “For I show you my light and darkness whole.”

Love is nothing more than a lost soul.



We kiss Athena ,the modern Greek, willing to fight for the ancient weak! At her highest peak and as mystique she was she was thorn by medieval doublespeak! Her tongue whispers all chic with barren words and flatteries of the unique.

‘Jack is back in black,

‘Jack is back in black,

So, who did close the door behind your back? While you walked down your own path and decided to put down your color as black. “I Wasn’t the man that could be named Jack”. You asked for the dark night so you could scream loudly in your flashback. Afraid as you could be you decided to rise above your fallback. They called jimmy the maniac while he had a heart attack he couldn’t stop and kickback, on his chair; to be ivory black! So, who did close the door behind your back?



As for the starry nights we will be walking down the dreamy welkin…. And as likely we are we will be wearing our bridge coat. For I try to quote Poe himself I lose my thoughts into his words of the blue note. “From the Hell of the planetary souls?” and ought he touch my bloody throat. He sketches little anecdote as he sails down the river on his rowing boat.



You think I wouldn’t be chuffed? I am releasing the pain that had me handcuffed. Raising my spirits up to the sky as I bluffed. So as they say; while dancing around in my room, thou shall inundate. Walking in a straight line towards my future that has been aligned. Before it falls down and thought to be misstate, we shall not hesitate before we can translate our long lost language dancing flow rate. To debate, or not to catch the bait. While skipping my heart rate I will liquidate.


So we believe in patriarchy but want hierarchy. All the words are kind off darky but yet we strong believe that it is all malarkey. Strong believers of the mind are the one who cherish our future the most. So for once in your life; “Raise that glass for a toast, celebrate life for upmost and love the one’s whom are close”. For I shall not leave my kingdom command post, but I will take thee with me to the end of the coast.


Tiffany, thou woman is streaming through my vein.

If love could conquer. Wouldn’t we be lost again.

For we have our path aligned as our soul in our brain, and

Find my eyes closed, to feel your hand on my pain.

All lost in hope we rise stronger in Ukraine!

Now take thee spirit and set loose that chain.

You, thou woman streaming through my vein.


Morning kisses and morning suns, praying for our nuns we despite the guns. We wish for harmony, but only think in money. The slowly burning deal breaker. Morning kisses and morning suns, waiting for our gods sons and hoping for reruns! let’s make everyday an brand new day for inspiring hope. so lets tighten that rope and forgive all like the pope so we can elope. morning kisses and morning suns. did we miss something under our little microscope?




If I could just dodge that bullet “than everything would have been different!” but for me whom had to push it and pull it. I was the little boy screamer you heard all night long. For I didn’t belong, so we all came along for that little bird song. The morning tjirp wasn’t that bad nor wrong, but it did bring me to heavens Lifelong.