One step away from the edge

as I surrender my will to thee.

One last wish awaits my soul

as I seek for me,

while life beholds my stream,

I see my strength rising free.


let me be what I cannot be

as I am afraid I use my tongue

to be careless and speak to plea;

“as words cures through time,

they foresee our loving tree.

Within the beginning of time,

we run towards the sea.”

May I forgive myself?

As I am one step away from the edge

within my hearts key…

Stamp of approval



Part 3

Let me be without the rising soul

for I start with a story to tell;

“Mother, I ask thee to hold my hand

as I am afraid of the darkness without lightning spell.”

Guide me throughout earth to whereas

the ohms of the night speak with me.

To linger with my thoughts

I ask thee for one opportunity;

“To be one.” as I close my eyes and smell the sea.

Let me be,

as hope clears into ashes,

the one of absentee.

Part 1

Part 2

Stamp of approval



Part 2

Let me catch you

while I reach out my hand,

as they taught us

about the beauty within the promise land.

I Seek for validation in you

with an eye away.

To withhold me from sinner’s rose

I speak of no devil’s sway.

Let us melt into one

prayer of hymn. While I seek

for my words,

the unspoken thoughts,

they keep me away from dawn.

To share hope of light

with mother’s delight, we speak of no black swan.

Hear me,

Oh’ let me be spoken loud,

As they have fought

they will conquer us proud.

Part 1

Part 3 (To be continued)

Stamp of approval



Part 1

From moon ashes to stardust

this is where it all began

a battle fought within our hearts

as we departure to the rising spirits

they seal our lips from the unsolved.

A World’s freedom away from

frightening thoughts that behold us

within the dusk off nothingness which

breaches our strength

in a dawn of a new time of being involved.

Part 2 

Part 3 (To be continued)

Stamp of approval



I Wait and seek for my words

as they come not easily I’m afraid to show

you my pain within.

To whittle and linger,

I wait for the time of right

as they feel like thoughts of sin.

My precious desire of beauty

I prolong thee as I’m a misfit

whom is terrified so easily thin.

For I have been,

to believe from the begin,

there should not be these words under my skin.

To hear while I wait I seek not for my enemy

as they enclose my soul

they reach for my mind, but to only be known for when.

Stamp of approval



To walk down the lane

while feeling stuck in a reality

I have no resemblance of this beauty

as I feel with no doubt the fantasy.

To catch my freedom

I have to give you my gravity

as I’m nothing more

nor less

that beholds my sanity.

I want to be free,

I want you to be gone,

as I can’t think,

can’t be

or even feel any sympathy

for the beauty of your eyes truly see.

To walk down the lane,



Stuck, In a reality of this madness in me.

Milady, would you be,

as I dare to say,

my swimming soul down the sea.

Stamp of approval



Was I a fiction in your mind….?

To be held by your thoughts

you have seen me blind.

I Took care of you as we weren’t touching our souls

that got lost in translation being unsigned.

I Was the hope while you eloped

and in sight of beauty we bind.

You saw my soul,

you held my heart,

yet I felt being declined.

As I was miserable for time

I left the world behind.

To have wishes of three I seek for my loving mystery

without you in twined.

Stamp of approval



This is what I do to keep my faith,

as I strongly submit to the raising praise.

“I have my fingers crossed between my eyes.

free with hope

as I seek for the skies.

unlimited beauty awaits

for us, you and I, to disguise.”

Let me begin;

As I whittle with my tongue

to have this story told by thee,

the young.

To follow the stream in my heart for this,

as it started with a breeze kiss

on the lips,

I reckon my heart for you to miss.

Mother, do please define our shine!

All I ask for,

seek for,

to grasp for a sign. To wander within

our stream of faith

as we follow our bloodline.
Stamp of approval



Through the winds I follow my stream

as I close my eyes and “feel” the soft breeze

I remain calm with the beauty in my dream.

To hear my thoughts fall down from the sky

As I whisper with my lips for a scream.

“I can not talk,

I can not think,

I can not pray,

as I capre diem.”

He who hears my word

therefore all grant my moon

as I begin my search within my heartbeat tune.

Stamp of approval



I’m one of the few in a madding crowd,

as they pour their eyes on me

I shake my head out within the cloud.

To not trust me by sight, but feel the relent

of sacred night.

As I speak not for al;

I have my words not spoken loud.

For this I’m not proud.

You see, the agony that I feel from within

has me cornered in frighten spring.

For I am not with the few

I scream with my soul for you to bow

as I am less I have my thoughts avowed.

Stamp of approval