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  • ‘Explicare,


    The dawn of faith mares of the night. The wonders of demise follows the darkness of light. Danger and dagger hidden behind my fright. I sleep and fall with my cloak as I waltz in delight. The beauty in my nation was the secret in my history. Now I leap with my era yet not…

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  • ‘Grievous,


    What my reflection bore even in the last hour have I been guided to roar. Among myself I wander with my path there I wonder the beauty of my breath. To swell under my realm I spread my wings over my death. Where my moon was as bright as the darkness therefore, that said moon…

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  • ‘Jouissance,


    Now I may forgive my past as I sought from above. To flee with my world I reflect with my broken dove. Where everything had to be forever I believed in this undying selflove. As I fall from the sky, glued to the night, I shattered in broken prime. With this art in my heart…

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  • ‘Tranquility,


    As If it was true as if it was spoken too. To swear, to bow and to be an ode to you. I prayed my prayers To my saviour in miscue. Lost in my words and forgiven in my heart. The only one thing that could keep me true. OH ‘tears of the sky, wherefore…

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  • ‘Strife,


    Now, heaven, come to my preach and hear my hymn follow your dying speech. For this looming light I pray, therefore, I surrender my soul for each. Thus you follow my path that has been written to teach. The search of my conquering gate, at the mistake of life, we fall for the departure of…

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  • ‘Quaver,


    The weeping willow beholds my silence.   To be spoken in tongue; “She is my earth, my birth and my mother, so beautiful and young.” “Hold my night”, I told my stars. With my arrival we shall win our wars.   To what you owe and to what I have given. Represents our past, your…

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  • ‘Truant,


    Like my dying wish I float under my realm. Where hope was all I had as rain had to overwhelm. To drain, to fall, to breath, to fight, to seek and to arise. Like water I follow my stream now the tide beholds my skies. as swell I am, as hollow I feel I shall…

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  • ‘Desolation,


    I summon my last prayer that I have given; “To what extent did I have this pleasure to be forgiven?” In the edge, afar in the beginning, we pledge to be driven, but how come, when time was lost, we got to be unforgiven? Until this very day, from nowhere you came, I startled with…

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  • ‘Deeds,


    With greed as my empathy I behold of a dream with define law. Where lovers react to sympathy to as where death fought for their draw. Endless inspirations falls of my cliff into the oceans of what I saw. Where horror and mortal dreams lingers over my awe.   Now see my realm In my…

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  • ‘Haunting,


    I am not that beauty I am not that the star. I am the silhouette night I am  afar with my war.   I sought for my past As I feel my sincere sight . I breeze with pain As I grow with the light.   To bloom, to grow, to be pure and I…

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  • ‘where,


      My road had to be open as Where I disappeared and been woken. With death I arise, with love I demise and honour was my compromise. . That night was the first of many breathless air. Now I wished I could dream of a world with no scare, But as frightened I was I…

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  • ‘Echelon,


    With darkness hidden in endangerment I fall for my moon as I kiss my waters or so slow. With a soft touch I linger over and see my future grow. Behind that curtain   the stars and universe dances with my flow And under that shadow I see my arising glow. A world hidden from…

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  • ‘Epoch,


    In the hollow of the ferns, far from the madding crowd, I take thee lingering soul with me. In the beautiful valley, where tears fall from the sky, I dream of a nightmare plea. Where every drop, underneath my skin, would take me down on my knee. As I am a fatherless father with hidden…

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  • ‘Agress,


    Oh’ shallow, my shallow night your rhythm waltzes with my light. In your dawn I seek for my time but, once there I got lost in your rhyme. As my soul lingers over your hymn I remember my morning dim. So take me away as I careless say; “you are my reason to pray.” Do…

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  • ‘Befall,


    In my new fate I changed the time by night. We speak in endless crime about our falling light. With the morning dew I open my eyes for my last fight. To what I have owed for the eternal sight. I give, I gave, as I kneel for my knight. But, as I open my…

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