I Once had a story to tell, from a whisperer to a falling hell.

Should you believe that I was a man,

to begin with a hidden spell,

to strongly believe there was more to brief?

A Man in search for his path to find,

(I Was my own thief.)

To care? For I have found my narrow alley.

To take? You have my spoken allay, such relief.

A Duty from shoulders to fall,

a wisdom stronger by all,

the answer that started my story with a crawl.

I Have a chance to start over,

(For a do-over)

with a new beginning like rising four-clover.

Stamp of approval



An walk down the street,

Never wandering, nor speaking, without my feet.

Give me my last breath, for I am losing thin air. Mother Earth, the

Universe of all, take me away from this path. For I was beat.

Seek me throughout and I shall stand tall.

This world, the conquer, is my emperor by my side to feel complete.

Alas, as I learn to walk,

To talk,

In this new world I share you my thoughts, so take a seat!

Only you make me briefly believe in your hope,

Neither have I spoken to mother’s elite.




Lift me up and take me in search for desire,

for I have lost epiphany in my hope,

“spoken truthful”

I sought my words by liar.

One by one I shake off my hands from myself,

to become less,

to be stronger,

then the fear of frightening “self.”

I’m my own last ambition,

for I speak Lycian,

Truly no understanding of my position.

I counted my last ammunition;

“shoot your shot and don’t miss….”









Mother, do you feel me?

I’m afraid to wander through life alone.

To have none by my side,



none…. whom holds me by night!

Moments of despair;

“I seek for care in your arms around me”

Hold me tight and never let me fall.

Mother, do you hear me?

I cry to forget our separate paths of all.

For I’m losing my mind,

Closing my eyes,

And going throughout life blind.

Father, do you see me?

Because I’m fighting this battlefield.

Scars breaking me down,

Blood streaming on the floor,

waiting… to be healed.

To fly or to yield?

Of these questions I occurred my behaviour.

To be stronger than pain.



Stronger…. For my saviour!



Bring me a story to tell;

I, The seeker of my inner peace

Open my heart for you to spell;

Granting my soul for you to touch, for I

Read my cries as such.

Accept me for who I am; “to be a seeker of love.” to get

Physical by thee, by dint stargazing eyes I see beauty.

Hear me cry with howling wolves from above.

Youthful soul within my dawn by flying dove.



Come and care; to a whittle of love for you,

Eager to know your state of mind, losing thoughts in us.

My brotherly love for you never withdrew.

Earth, the place you have left.

Time, you have given us to enjoy, in hope by bereft.

Each gravel of dirt covers your body.

Reaching out for the stars, for I blindly follow your sparks.

You, my friend. the one I miss whom is 6 feet under.








In the future of words I seek for validation,

To a frightening of speech,

Mother of all, conquer of spoken words

I slaughtered my tongue for thou nation.

Have I not shared my pleasure of ambition?

Haven’t I….?

Shall I never be the truthful causation?

Though I’m on a quest of empowering;

“To tall to stand, to short to withhold on.”

How long to endure thus duration.

To fight?

To speak?

To rise?

To behold the truth in my dictation!



What to remember, my son?

“Nothingness rises into ashes sun.”

What am I to my son?

“Life seamless just begun.”

What have you seen, my son?

“You are everything to someone.”


What have I done?

What am I to you?


You have been afraid not so long,

from mistakes you have fallen,

to learn the right from wrong.

To wake up,

To shine,

To arise from chirping bird song.

A lullaby sweet as home.

Love-one, wait not for misery,

to you I will find my stay in Rome.


To be,

(To me)

A father for thee.



Let us begin with a story to tell;

A whisperer from hell.

Nor scavenger of smell, for death of

Greed speaks to my spell. “you” the

Universe of our existence took my heart.

Oh’ mother, speaker of truth – Be the

Ruler of my muse, for I’m lost in your sooth.


Only for the brave shall I open my grave

For I am a merely slave of the human race.

“Who follows the ocean’s wave?”


Death has spoken to me,

Envy was my nemesis to be.

At sea I find my peace, only for you to see.

To you I say goodbye, only to start

Hoping for a new beginning, for thee.



Mother, do you hear me?

Let me speak with my untouched tongue,

in silence I grave for attention.

“Pull me in” and taste the lies among.

Mother, do you see me?

Eyes, closed by day, took me down.

Afraid I was to see,

“to accept” the faith that you were no more around!

Mother, do you love me?

To love, or, to be loved? that’s the question.

I Will be asking myself till the dawn of night,

shimmering light wandering among your confession.