‘Help a brother & charity out,

I, Jojo Al-waealy, The creator of ‘JJ-Stache’ welcomes you to my blog! Do you want to help me and charity out? Well, You are in luck, Because I have started the following promo; ‘Help a brother & charity out, With every donation you will help me out, but also with a small contribution to charity. I Will donate 10% for every donation to charity. Once a year I will donate all the donations at once, and YOU will pick out the charity! 

Jojo Al-waealy, author for JJ-stache.


Help a brother & Charity out to support one another.


About me
and JJ-Stache

With ambition as my key and being inspired by the aspiring artist is what I love to see. Born in Jordan, Iraqi roots and The Netherlands is my home since 1996. In 1993 we fled from Iraq to Jordan when my mother was pregnant with me. With my two older sisters, one older brother and my parents (father and mother) we had to wait for 3 years in Jordan before there was a country accepting Refugees. It was the year 1996 when we got in The Netherlands and since then we have been here. A place where I always felt home, but yet, sometimes, I feel like a wanderer in a strange land. A Misfit to those who doesn’t fit, but a misfit that accepts his past and future as it is. Where change is my goal, where happiness is my muse and where I have this “Pay it forward” mentality fuse..

“Jojo Alwaealy, Author for JJ-Stache”




At the end, when time is all we have, I would dream of a world where there is no hate, violence and death, and in a time, When earth would slowly disease into the end of time, not even then would I give up. I would try my best to smile, laugh and feed happiness into the world! Therefore, in a fortnight, I shall change that world into; Loving, caring and the creating of life.

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