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Now I am alone where I ponder of the death. Between heaven and hell I inhale my last breath. My earth, my heart and my vein connect with your blooming…

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With my bare feet I walk over my earth. Now I feel the cold linger through my water.   One with my mother and in sorrow with my stream. That…

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My earth, I solum swear to sleep with you in my heart. Like death I felt my dying rhyme skip that hollow vain, now I speak with no breath; “With…

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3000 gratitudes

If I ever had to believe the person that I used to be, the person that would always doubt his ability and never trust his strength , than I would…

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Now, heaven, come to my preach and hear my hymn follow your dying speech. For this looming light I pray, therefore, I surrender my soul for each. Thus you follow…

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The weeping willow beholds my silence.   To be spoken in tongue; “She is my earth, my birth and my mother, so beautiful and young.” “Hold my night”, I told…

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HELLO, CUBA Just one Cuban away, My rose igniteAs those thornsTwinkle like light.Endless hope wandersThrough my mind,Where I have loveFor my rare kind.   I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE; Conquer…

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Like my dying wish I float under my realm. Where hope was all I had as rain had to overwhelm. To drain, to fall, to breath, to fight, to seek…

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I summon my last prayer that I have given; “To what extent did I have this pleasure to be forgiven?” In the edge, afar in the beginning, we pledge to…

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With the hidden smile I sought and sought for a while. As I, lost in meanwhile, have this dream of my vile. Now with hope I flee and thus my…

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Welcome fellow artist, writers and readers. Today I have the following question I want to ask you; “I am looking for whatever creative artist that exist for my next Project…

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