Writers History



They say I am a stray;

Walking down the street two-way path crossing my way. You have been caring all the weight away. For I have been the fighter of my own battles nearing my screaming day. “Attention” that’s what I seek for my inner child’s play. With a knot in my heart, with love given to rise your soul, you have been granting my heart for you to mislay.

They say she is not like the rest;

All I Can say; “I have been gods bless” for shouting the truth out of my chest. To be all obsessed I was leaving my mind unrest, but I did express my heart for you to undress!

They… They… They…

for I am careless and free. Happiness is my power key and undecided crossed the sea.



It was that lady who shared our simplicity in our eyes. At night we looked deep in the sky and saw what the world defined. She asked for the who’s, the where’s and the why’s, but in respond we only empathize. The aspiration has been hiding with her allies; “while moving counterclockwise and breaking that rose thorn while hypnotized”, she asked herself “had I reason otherwise?”. Though its impossible to imagine what we can do without the beauty at rise we hope that the flower never dies. So we search for the colour in between the lines and find that firefly not far away from paradise. She got separated from her soul first fight domination. Looking in the eyes of men while her eyes and lips spoke in flirtation. Ought to get the beauty of Venus with the strength of Athena; The power off will wil always have her salvation.



Take my hand and share me your thought.

On your chest my head rest uncaught. I was

Unaware from my mistakes. Don’t hold me down.

Cause; “You didn’t want me anymore around.”

How can I take thee soul with me to the end of time?


May I share our love, joy and tears? Or do

You only care about your fears?


Seeking for love through a black hole,

Owned by misery and no control. Take thee

Universe; “For I show you my light and darkness whole.”

Love is nothing more than a lost soul.



The death talking and breath taken away. “Home” that’s where she has left none helpless. “Hope” that’s what she has given to all! Because; her “smile”, the weapon, is breathless! To hide and to seek. “Hiding” all pleasures away from her highest peak. Streaming off the cliff into the ocean. for she shall not turn her cheek.

‘into the sky,

‘into the sky,


Slowly flowing into the sky.

Slowly rising into the midnight eye.

Slowly reaching full moon cry.

For I have spoken with the tip of my tongue, to describe nor to describe the beauty; “you had me at your goodbye’. There was no crack in my wing to overpower the strength of mother’s lullaby, but therefor she shall rise and fly as high as a butterfly. Specify or testify? loose the mind into the evil’s eye. nor shall thou; “as strong as Medea the goddess of love was”, simplify!



Prepare yourself for the worse, because you are the

Ruler of your own verse;

Oh thou beauty has me finding my curse.

Make my sin last until time passes away. Would you believe

In the beauty hidden in the laughter of child’s play?

Seek for what to has come in being honest,

Envy the unknown with your strongly promise!




To be gone I have to say goodbye, and let me imply that when I have to feel your fingers;

“one by one, on my bare naked skin everything lingers.”

I have to dance and hear your voice follow the rhythm of the music of spheres.

These words are not meant for your ears;

Finally, when I saw how you got yourself deflowered from us devour hearts and emotions I can say in peace “I’m ready to kill that man who I was not to be.”

Who’s not the one-word man, I fought harder than I ever could and can!