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I Dream of my freedom and believe in the eternal road. Where my stream follows the peaceful mind I shall sleep as I erode, thus I bloom ,and as I…

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In the eye of my deepest secret I witness my apologies empty handed. There lingers the truth over my heart And In fear I seek for liberty with caution as…

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Perhaps I was lost with my elder, broken in the crowd and lonely with my road. Where I bloom as the night kisses me swell, but senses my sorrow with…

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I Sense empowered by my goddess As I gaze over my grave. There I apprehend the voices of angelic nights and experience the pain of the fallen brave. In the…

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With million eyes I sought for my skies as there will be rain in disguise I believed your endless lies. There you are, hidden in the light, and below my…

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Allow me to explain the riddle in me; “Where thousand words have broken my bones, where my past had to burn my sight, where no path could be clear and…

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Now I follow my breath where I see my desperation, there It beholds my waltz as I have envied my destination. In the black depth I follow my path as…

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In the end of my reckoning and in between my dawn of faith have I been in my reality of rain. But, what if your world wasn’t all the beauty…

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This was my time where I would be the conqueror of a shallow endless prime. Hear my song as I walk down my passage where They sang for me to…

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The dawn of faith mares of the night. The wonders of demise follows the darkness of light. Danger and dagger hidden behind my fright. I sleep and fall with my…

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With my mercy I conquer their hope for my land. Endless beings walking down with their messy hearts hand in hand. Where they sang their lullaby for their freedom to…

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What my reflection bore even in the last hour have I been guided to roar. Among myself I wander with my path there I wonder the beauty of my breath.…

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