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Hi, I’m JJ-stache and here you see ‘where the artist meets art,

Let’s begin at the ending: As you probably know I am Jojo Al-waealy. The proud owner of my following content “JJ-Stache”. A nickname given by one of my followers. I started sharing my work when the Covid pandemic started in 2020. A time where we all could reflect our precious given time and to be remembered that life wasn’t only just given easily, but also reminded us that It can be taken away as simple as one, two, three. After planning, writing and setting goals for myself I decided to share my work with you guys, and as I love to share my work I too want to help one another misfit that I could inspire as they inspired me, Hence ‘Where the artist meets art, page. Here I will be sharing the unknow misfits their art, of course with their permission. So, stop reading this little content and start scrolling down to enjoy.

“Jojo Al-waealy “

This Thursday: ‘WTAMA, Kamelia


Monday, I remember .
Monday you left and I could not recover after. 
On Monday I was born, 
I am lost , I wander. 
Monday, mother mine
Monday, I can’t call .
Tomorrow, again I will try.
My words are sick and hollow,
my rhyme is feverish, my poems are deadly.
My muse is speechless.
I haven’t  felt her in so long,
It weakens, it hides, it fears me.
I call her, I implore her, I call her your highness. 
She is stubborn, no she is just scared !
I hope so, if not dead.
Monday, child of my youth.
Wake up, let us embrace it. 
The flowers are now dull,
The sun rays are now cold,
Your footsteps are not heard,
Your breathing is absent. 
flutter like a hummingbird, 
dance like a shooting star,
I beg you to appear in my sky. 
I don’t want to lose you,
the way I lost nineteen.
Monday, can you stay ?
My poetry will vanish without you.

Written by Kamelia

Hi, My name is Kamelia and I write poetry. I am in my late twenties, I believe in art as it sets us free and still trying to figure out poetry and its nooks. I have shared some of it over Instagram and WordPress.I treasure my muse as she gives me so much strenght to keep writing.

Thank you so much for reading my art!

‘Where The Artist Meets Art,

I want to thank Kamelia for being the first person to submit your art with me and with the rest of the world. You are amazing for doing this, because thanks to you I can officially say that I have met my first art! Go check out Kamelia her website and enjoy her art!

JoJo Al-Waealy

Author For JJ-Stache.

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