This thursday; ‘Where the artist meets art,

Hi, I’m JJ-stache and here you see ‘where the artist meets art,

Let’s begin at the ending: As you probably know I am Jojo Al-waealy. The proud owner of my following content “JJ-Stache”. A nickname given by one of my followers. I started sharing my work when the Covid pandemic started in 2020. A time where we all could reflect our precious given time and to be remembered that life wasn’t only just given easily, but also reminded us that It can be taken away as simple as one, two, three. After planning, writing and setting goals for myself I decided to share my work with you guys, and as I love to share my work I too want to help one another misfit that I could aspire as they inspired me, Hence ‘Where the artist meets art, page. Here I will be sharing the unknow misfits their art, of course with their permission. So, stop reading this little content and start scrolling down to enjoy.

“JOjo Al-waealy “
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