Will you take me home?

To a place I belong?

As I am afraid

you would never treat me strong.

I Have made many mistakes

that speak me wrong.

By these thoughts you have

you have me lifelong.

Wait and see;

“By these nights

you have the moon,

the stars

and the ohms of the sky all along.”

In trust we share our stardust

as we hear the stream wandering

without our song.




A Rose,

within the thoughts of an elephant,

to behold with your grace.

You see;

“The agony and pain in my arms

have been lifting and rising thou

strength for no one to embrace.

These are within my hands

As I choose to erase.”

To not forget I set loose one petal

at time for this eternal disgrace.




To fly,

To think,

I set myself free from the pain.

As I scream for your attention

I fall without hope down the drain.

one step at a time,

one step to move,

I start to forget about thee again.

Let me rise as spoken by me;

“I have no chance to follow you to Spain

as my story begins from one place

as said by mark twain; ‘If I tell you the truth,

you don’t have to remember anything.’

With these thoughts you are like drops of rain.”

To think;






Stamp of approval



We, as in you and I, pre-occupied in our own make-believe world. Though we shall run to the underworld and defeat that ever can be hurled. Our nemesis also known as oneself we shall fear no-one but ourself. So we write everything down until the gods read our pages on the bookshelf. Never lost nor never won and for I shall be done I will hurl that handgun and never lose my hope as number one. In repeating moves we embrace the shallow games on the long-run until we loose our breath for so long and take a leap to the Fire-sun! I kiss the earth goodbye and say hello to my new born morning son.


For I have embraced the shot that I have taken to be in a coma and screaming loudly for Oklahoma I will accept my faith and diploma. I use random words to define my Aroma even if I have been in Seattle Tacoma. Meet me in the middle of Minnesota so I can go back to Oklahoma. My wish, granted. My dreams, rising. And my power off will, fighting. So I shall be enchanted, even if you been uprising we shall smile into the lightning!