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What my reflection bore

even in the last hour

have I been guided to roar.

Among myself I wander with my path

there I wonder the beauty of my breath.

To swell under my realm

I spread my wings over my death.

Where my moon was as bright as the darkness

therefore, that said moon was my illuminating war.

An eerie scream frightens my eye

and the unspoken truth had to be my scar.

To be or not to be saved

as I bleed with my night star.

Thus, in the androgynous dark

I sought for my fight.

Broken bricks and hollow waters

have forsaken my right.

Because, this must be the truth

that I have been told in fright,

but today,

I became that reflection at midnight.

Where It follows my shadows

behind that looming light.  

I Have my story that you will never see

as I am the reflection that we rewrite.


11 responses to “‘Grievous,”

  1. Brilliant. Your words create a deeply visual picture. “Broken bricks and hollow waters
    have forsaken my right.”

    Liked by 1 person

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