‘into the sky,

‘into the sky,


Slowly flowing into the sky.

Slowly rising into the midnight eye.

Slowly reaching full moon cry.

For I have spoken with the tip of my tongue, to describe nor to describe the beauty; “you had me at your goodbye’. There was no crack in my wing to overpower the strength of mother’s lullaby, but therefor she shall rise and fly as high as a butterfly. Specify or testify? loose the mind into the evil’s eye. nor shall thou; “as strong as Medea the goddess of love was”, simplify!




To be gone I have to say goodbye, and let me imply that when I have to feel your fingers;

“one by one, on my bare naked skin everything lingers.”

I have to dance and hear your voice follow the rhythm of the music of spheres.

These words are not meant for your ears;

Finally, when I saw how you got yourself deflowered from us devour hearts and emotions I can say in peace “I’m ready to kill that man who I was not to be.”

Who’s not the one-word man, I fought harder than I ever could and can!

‘ bye bye birdie,

‘ bye bye birdie,

At first I was shy until you asked me for the why. It was dawn down in July, looking at the clear sky and wishing; “for me to fly”: I had to stand by, string tie and trust to see with my third eye. for you to rely I had not to deny my fears for losing over wars cry. the only thing I could do was just try.



Blood on my hands,

Envy is my wish on demand.

And I had to fight those battles.

Unity brought us together, but scares

That was beneath my skin.

I am one pain away from the win.

From falling to rising sin. “have my soul

Under your control”. Pain shattering me down,

Love brought me here, wearing the crown!



The veto in my lord made my sin rise,

unless the power thought me otherwise.

In strength I kept my promise to behold you by my side,

with lies we become wise, until proven otherwise.

Find me the time to share our love for the highs!

let’s become one, “you said”,


Fly away with me for the rising winter all along.

let me keep you warm in my arms.

And I shall proof you wrong,

“you said” let’s not prolong!


Never shall we disease our love,

nonetheless we lost our true,

Youthful truelove, my mourning dove!



Fighting battle of the century, lock me down into penitentiary!

I’m a sinner for the devil’s pleasure. Take thee eye away from the enemy eye, because I shall not lie! Don’t hesitate your ability to fly. Spread your wings and touch the sky. Hereby I will testify my dream for you to specify and to take down your imagination to occupy and therefore I grand my goodbye, miss Monarch Butterfly!



Darkness and light have been inevitable

though the rise of beauty has been irrevocable.

And I take thee, passing soul, with me.

for you to see;

“This vitality has become immortal

let’s inherit thou energy for the mortal!”

Losing my sight,

I was afraid to touch the light,

and I cared less, for you to hide!

The greater dark has disappeared

another day has passed and cleared.

Darkness leaving my world not so cold,

for the entire world to behold!