To whittle and knot with tension in my heart,

To be flown,

To be risen, to my heart of art.

To you I say; I Am….?

“For my shredding part I fall, I fell, and have been taken apart”.

To imagine and dream with hope in my eyes.

To be drawn,

To be loved, to the rhyme of wise.

To you I said; We ever shall……?

“For the hidden space I lie, I lied, and believed my lies.”



To go further than victory, to write beyond history;

“We are the world’s seekers for death upon her eyes.”

For mysteries we care not about her lies,

for strength we search love, love in her eyes.

To speak loudly. To wander…. slowly.

We treasure the beauty in her eyes.

Tonight my heart is light, and my spirit is rising tears of cries.

“To start over again?”

For I’m afraid of what’s now to be…..

To wake up with sunrise, forgotten pain the unwise.



Sweet loving symphony of

Youth, merely touch

My tender lips of my sin.

Provoke, to breath, air becoming my horizon.

Howling waves of music, the

Ocean, following me through mother’s

Nature speech of the wizen.

Young and Lividly foraging for devotion,

To be lost,

To be lost,

To be lost,

To be….. emotion.



She said that dream was a fraught,

for I have been seen in waking thought.

“Shoot”, you said; “Shoot, and follow the bloodline!”

It was the dark night of august. sweet and define.

“Set me loose”, you said; “Set me loose and be free”

Take me to a higher degree of summers sea.

For joy to my smile, adore thee proud part.

From broken to rising heart.

Of which those butterflies we had to revise,

flown and free from despise.



You said; “Love is young and we should

Only take it by the heartbeat.”

Us? that shall not happen nor bitter or sweet.

This path crossed by two-way street.

How could I ever trust thou pleat?

Free I will be, take my veins for you to see on repeat!

Uncover our lost heat. you said; “take my seat”

Love is what I do not need, because we are incomplete!



Let’s pretend I was walking down the lane of fire. feeling the restless, heating and precious desire.

Let’s pretend that I was willing to jump, to scream, to fall and to rise prior.

Let’s pretend I was willing to take that imperfect path to the future to inspire.

Let’s pretend there was no gun, no pain and no attached wire.

Was I the only person that believed in the mystery, or was I the seduced one? to be the one that has none is shredding your tears into your own loaded gun. Let me shoot;”let me kill”. Let me go for the one I will, my dear son. It all began when time was right and she won.



The truth is; I’m speechless and taken away,

All I have given was gone in a way.

Knock me down and promise me today; “For I am

Empty hearted, my soul sleeps restless to pray. “


My name written down and forgotten by heart. “Have you

Ever felt like you didn’t belong?” To be inside, to be a part?


Home is where I’m safe, home is my world view,

Once we took a chance to fall we can only rise through.

Milady, it was you who withdrew.

Even I knew we had nothing to look up to.



“I walk”, while I see my soul passing through,

You dance, while you skip my love to sew.

“I sit”, waiting for you to touch my soul,

You jump, waiting for you to gain control.

“I unite”, while my soul breaks at night,

You run, faster during daylight.

“I wait”, for our souls to be stronger,

You left, you and I are no longer!

You told me to walk away from everything we have seen. The sky has been clear, while I Sit, reaching out for you, my queen. We will “unite” that’s what you said; “don’t make a scene”. I promised I would wait, but I have been.

‘into the sky,

‘into the sky,


Slowly flowing into the sky.

Slowly rising into the midnight eye.

Slowly reaching full moon cry.

For I have spoken with the tip of my tongue, to describe nor to describe the beauty; “you had me at your goodbye’. There was no crack in my wing to overpower the strength of mother’s lullaby, but therefor she shall rise and fly as high as a butterfly. Specify or testify? loose the mind into the evil’s eye. nor shall thou; “as strong as Medea the goddess of love was”, simplify!




To be gone I have to say goodbye, and let me imply that when I have to feel your fingers;

“one by one, on my bare naked skin everything lingers.”

I have to dance and hear your voice follow the rhythm of the music of spheres.

These words are not meant for your ears;

Finally, when I saw how you got yourself deflowered from us devour hearts and emotions I can say in peace “I’m ready to kill that man who I was not to be.”

Who’s not the one-word man, I fought harder than I ever could and can!