A Moment of silence as I daydream.

When I close my eyes

I feel numbness in my heart.

To as I have been empty,

while this beauty of hollow

lifts me along your side.

My love,

A roses thorn becomes the pain

as we are frightened to wait.

Let us count our tears;




For a moment,

I Slowly open my eyes

to see none no-more.

I Am, as they say;

“Alone by heart.”

Stamp of approval



To be,

to be,

to be; one, two, three.

As I desire to spread my wings

I wish of freedom to behold my key.

Wherefore, to sleep under willow, I close my eyes

and see the star-stream in the eyes of she.




three, I lay my soul

with the sky as I want to be free.

I Want to fly with the hymn of the night,

therefore, shall the waves speak for me.


To be,

As I wish for one.


To be,

As I behold our love for two.


To be,

As I want to be equal of three.

Stamp of approval



Feel me as I reach out my hands

only for you to hold.

As love beholds my heart

where dreams show me the stars

beyond the dark blue skies.

To whittle of despair, we speak of beauty.

In such delight we move during the night,

whereas we follow the light

we conceal none bright.

To linger with my fingers

I feel your warmth holding me.

To embrace my thoughts

I do not feel my emotions; you see?

“Will you follow me?” I ask myself…

Do you trust my path as I plea?

Let me show you the world

as you swim free

with the sea.

Stamp of approval



There she was; waiting in layers of delight,

while moving clockwise.

This smile hidden deep behind her agony

as she shows me the world in her eyes.

She glooms and praises her love,

while lost in translation she speaks for the skies.

She spoke in tussle

as her lips whispered;

“Take me home, as I await the truth of the wise.”

I am in touch with her agony

as I resend her pain likewise.

Let us not dismantle

as we wait for the time of sunrise.

A hope,

a mystery,

as she belongs to our hearts

we shall arise.

Stamp of approval



Oh’ hear my heart

and listen to the blood streaming

through my veins, to as I hear the rhythm of three.

“I…. Love…… You.”

To this day I have seen

the beauty behind the stars

wherefore the ohms have spoken to me.

A World hiding behind mother’s elite,

as by night we see.

To you I say;

“Let me be the one,

whereas a soul bewitched my heart freely.”

A Light flicker on my path

as I surrender my heart to thee.

Do I not feel?

Do I not reckon my love?

Do I not see?

To you I say;

“I love you,

As you are the one to be.”



To me; envy of butterflies.

You startle with words

as you speak with your eyes.

I Shall rise for my soul

as I look at you during sunrise.

I See this desire in you

while I got lost in your labyrinth of lies.

Tell me how you loved me

if you didn’t speak in disguise.

Show me how I have to believe you

as the stars have spoken for the wise.

In hope I do not trust

as I remember the tears of night-cries.

When you looked away

as I saw the the world falling from the skies.

You startle with words

To me; envy of butterflies.

I tried something new today; I did what?

Yes, my next poem is a try-out. I hope you liked it at first sight? because, there is a little trick in it. You can read my poem from top to bottom, but at the same time you can read it from bottom to top! So please, Check it out and tell me what you think. It was my first time trying this out! Have fun!

Stamp of approval



My love,

I could not share you my heart.

To this day I was afraid, terrified

and shivering from the unknown art.

My love,

To be caught in a lie of a mystery

I have shared your stories

with no unpleasant history.

My love,

Let me share the thing that we love.

To fly into the sky, we must be free

to catch our soul from above.

My Love,

To hold or behold our dreams

while I surrender my nightmares

into sky behind the stars-streams.

My love,

We are no more, no less than a puzzle piece,

who did not connect with one another,

with this I have peace.

Stamp of approval



Hold me strong

as I have no pride.

Let me seek for my answers

as I have nothing to hide.

“I Have lost you”





These words speak for my mind.

I Have to believe

that we are lost and I was blind.

Listen to my ohms

my heart speaks of no hymn.

Dismantle me from your soul

and find me within evening dim.

I Close my eyes

while you let me decide.

“Do we shiver our love?”

Your heart was cold as I was denied……

Stamp of approval




To be in love

while in faith we have lost.

I have shared my heart

with you to be easily tossed.

To seek pieces of my heart

within stars of time

you have healed my trust.

To believe that no time

can behold our home,

the gazing skies of wanderlust.

As age defines beauty

they say;

“To love and to feel

we have to wonder in mystery.

as the stars look upon us

We have more than one history.”

Stamp of approval

‘Âme Perdue,

‘Âme Perdue,

Loving memory;

“Kisses of the sweet.”

As I begin with this story to tell,

from whispering to the losing thoughts of discrete.

While embracing the shadows,

I run for you down the street.

The beauty and grace,

to remember them between the lane,

I seek for answers beyond my burning

sensation of the bittersweet.

Tender lips, the touch of honey,

long and slowly they reach my skin.

therefore, I close my eyes,

feel with my heart, and preach for this sin.

“My thoughts leave me rising,

my heart less disguising,

you have been in my soul mesmerizing.”

As I was wishing for more,

I do not want the story to begin.

Stamp of approval