Part 3





Whose Liability was caught by atmospheric beauty.

At the end of light, in the beginning of time,

I rise with thou gazing moon to seek for wolfs cry.

By dint of howl I reckon my faults eye;

“Thereby I fought/ I arise/ I wander

from misery

to impasse


ending sky.”

To clamber through life in gallivant of night,

A butterfly of dawn,

nor battles cry,

I Amplify my music of spheres through, but why?

To ask, but not to answer.

To seek, but not to find.

To touch, but not to feel.

“To not deny the truth from my goodbye.

Part 1

Part 2



Part 2

To tell; You did with no mask.

Face to eye,

body to linger,

We grasp like there is no tomorrow.

For there shall be a next sorrow.

you said; “I’m sorry, but I have to.”

We were in a flow,

but you had to grow,

beyond your dreams you stayed,

but in pain we weren’t made.

You had to grow,

we weren’t in a flow,



….. anymore. You said your goodbye,

“You had me at hello.”

while we both disappeared into the blue sky.

Desire of the best,

you remained you






Part 1

Part 3



Part 1

In silence I hear your voice cracking,

You whisper your final wish;

“You and I are lacking.”

So simple it was for you to say.

Beyond my mind,

beyond my soul,

I was lost for you not to stay.

you said; “You knew it would happen one day”.

The burden I felt streaming through my vein,

the voice I lost in my pain,

the wish I never had imagined in my brain,

The waves were still and waiting for their remain.

Silence is what kept us wondering,

to wonder; “I Was not afraid to ask!”

To tell; You did with no mask.

Part 2



To share my thoughts from the world above,

to swoop



with the spirits of white dove.

To fit like a glove;

“I wish thou grace had been, my love.”

To fly




all from the world above!

I’m hiding for us to write,

to reach




To my wings of the unknown fight.

To undress our mind




Blind to a new world. Dare to be kind?




I share you my twilight of words signed!



Hands to reach out for, skies nearing my blues.

Art of enemy screaming down by my muse,

This has to become my scream of abuse. Did I

Ever not walk a mile in your shoes? have I lost your

Faithfulness by gathering to one’s fathers bruise?

Under no dwell, to commit freedom’s swell, shall I miss your cues.

Let me run, let me go. To a story to tell about the who’s.


Love is my seventh sin,

Only to shimmer in the light of stars,

Variety of victorious wars, for I shall kiss, for I shall learn the –

Endless of wooing from the begin.

‘Déjà vu,

‘Déjà vu,

To Love; the truth of symphony.

I share my thoughts to you, Milady of mystery.

Sleepless nights of whittle,

thou beauty has my grace risen into the starry nights.

Tune off the spirits of my place,

for I shall follow you till the end of the day.

For I have seen the light,

to follow beyond mother’s delight,

I float, I smile and reach me uncourt of height.

Waves of labyrinth following my endless arms,

to see, to love, to wait for you in your dress of white!

To rewrite love in a merely playwright.

To quote Shakespeare’s talking night; “The course of true love never did run smooth”.

Will you seek with me for the starry midnight?



To whittle and knot with tension in my heart,

To be flown,

To be risen, to my heart of art.

To you I say; I Am….?

“For my shredding part I fall, I fell, and have been taken apart”.

To imagine and dream with hope in my eyes.

To be drawn,

To be loved, to the rhyme of wise.

To you I said; We ever shall……?

“For the hidden space I lie, I lied, and believed my lies.”



To go further than victory, to write beyond history;

“We are the world’s seekers for death upon her eyes.”

For mysteries we care not about her lies,

for strength we search love, love in her eyes.

To speak loudly. To wander…. slowly.

We treasure the beauty in her eyes.

Tonight my heart is light, and my spirit is rising tears of cries.

“To start over again?”

For I’m afraid of what’s now to be…..

To wake up with sunrise, forgotten pain the unwise.



Sweet loving symphony of

Youth, merely touch

My tender lips of my sin.

Provoke, to breath, air becoming my horizon.

Howling waves of music, the

Ocean, following me through mother’s

Nature speech of the wizen.

Young and Lividly foraging for devotion,

To be lost,

To be lost,

To be lost,

To be….. emotion.



She said that dream was a fraught,

for I have been seen in waking thought.

“Shoot”, you said; “Shoot, and follow the bloodline!”

It was the dark night of august. sweet and define.

“Set me loose”, you said; “Set me loose and be free”

Take me to a higher degree of summers sea.

For joy to my smile, adore thee proud part.

From broken to rising heart.

Of which those butterflies we had to revise,

flown and free from despise.