Where I belong, in a mad era,

I sought for my dying roses.

Here I struggle to pleasure the mind

as there was you who whittles to imposes.

I Arise thee rose, wherefore she blooms,

with eternal undying love.

Where those thorns bleed my soul

I ought to fly with my white dove.

Thus, where I remember,

I flee with the world from above.

So here I spread my wings

as the wind is my trust in truelove.

But where I go, from nowhere,

is the end of my footpath.

For the very last time

I will flee for a lost bloodbath.

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14 thoughts on “‘Reliance,

      1. You knew it was me😂✌. I actually love reading such poems and what better if there will be a true story out of it?
        Would be really happy to read what you are working on.
        Btw don’t lose focus😁

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahaha well it was a 50/50 chance 😂😳 you know me, I always try to write about feeling/emotions and thoughts. Whenev I have everything in order I will tell you!

        I Will not lose focus, thank you so much for your support!! ♥️🙏🏽


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