If silence couldn’t be my wisdom

than what ought to be my spoken word?

Where there ought to be a reason to breath

as there is a reason to be heard.


So take my endless breathing vein

to your honesty and sincerity as preferred.

Where if endless lies had grown my past

would I be free like a hummingbird?


This was my past, where thousand lies behold me,

wherefore I listen as I want to be free.

As I lost my identity to a cruel humanity

there couldn’t be a reason to plea.

So what if a lie was true

and the truth was false?

(Thoughtfully, I said;

“Remember where I sing with the night-waltz?”)


Here I gracefully shadow my own light

and fly with the earth round.

For you and I, as they say,

“We are in an eternally forever bound.”


(While we are rolling in the deep

we hold one another profound.)


As my breath is nearing the end

I careless remember about my doubt.

So listen, As I slowly say,

What is your truth behind your blackout?


May it reign a night

and wake my eyes.

So, I could forget

about the endless lies.

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