With the kiss of death

I near the end of my edge.

As the world astonishes

I plea to my last pledge.

For there is no eternal time

thus the last of her kind allege.

But, whomever rises to speak

I shall listen until I fall off my edge.


With the invitation to my voyage

I speak in tongue with my death.

For I have encountered many battles

I take thee with my last breath.


Whom listens while they speak

as there was no reason to meet.

But my sinner was my prayer

as they fall apart in discrete.


So, for the very first time

I recall the end in my pride.

Here I close my heart and my eyes

in the eternal abide.

Thus I wander like a stranger

in hope to arise with my tide.

Therefore, I follow my black heart

until my soul remembers why I died.

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