I am the last survivor

as I left my blood

for the undead.

With the path of fire

I follow thee

as I pled.

For I have lost redemption

I remember the battle

we fought in red.

But yet, here I am

alone in reverie

thus I said;

“Whom could rise

with me until we all arise?”

Within the mist and magic

we bloom for the unseen eyes.

Be free with the wind

and spread their lies,

for I have a rose,

to be remembered off,

I speak for the wise.

Do not forget,

I have been blindfolded,

until I will see the skies.

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10 responses to “‘Blind,”

  1. I feel both your past and present pain in your poem/prose. In my experience, pain takes many months to fully understand its lessons. You have written from the hurt part of your soul – it is very powerful . . .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Deb’s, I’m so sorry for the late response. Your message got lost in my spam file. Anyways; thank you so much for reading my work, I’m glad you liked it!! Especially how you could feel my past and present pain in my work. I did my Best ❤️🙏🏽


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