To love or not to love?

Of these question I occur my heart.

Of no beauty that beholds my key,

do we dare to love as we are apart?

A Wish to grant me of three

to as I express slowly;

“I love thee.”


In solace I mumble;

“Within your thoughts you hold my soul

to whereas we kiss we touch our empty hole.”

To whittle off eulogy

I seek for your beauty in your eyes.

Whom could hear the night

as we are one with the dark blue skies?


To love?




not to love?

Did I really just do that; I have edited my blog-site.

Hi all lovers, writers and readers. I hope you all doing well? I have a little announcement to make; I Have redone my blog-site. It was in need for a fresh beginning, little editing and some new pictures. I Hope you will like it? I tried to make it users-friendly as possible. So please, Check it out and tell me what you think or not..! It’s not up to me, but to you. One click away jojo al-waealy

Ps, I have also added a page called ” Help a brother out.” Do please check out that one!

Stamp of approval

28 responses to “‘If,”

  1. Wowowow❤️Beautiful poem jojo, so pure and sweet & it ended perfectly❤️ Awesome new blog, love it. Hope you get that coffee 😋😊

    Liked by 5 people

  2. ” as we are one with the dark blue skies? ”

    This line is soothing, trust me it is though a question. Keep writing!!!


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