to fall with my still waters

I arise behind my hill.

Where I cry for no attention

as I scream, and yet so still.

To ode,

to suffer

and to sacrifice my heart to kill.

As my mountain echoes,

with era of stars,

I remember the night oh so chill.

To be afraid for the far distance

I clothed with my sky

as I see my light uphill.


So here I waltz

for the unknown tomorrow

as I open my eyes.

There I see my moon goddess

as I conquer your lies.

To what I owe,

in a home away from home,

to my blinding light that dies.

Oh’ my forest queen,

why does your soul apologize?

For we are bonded,

by the song of the beloved,

until we hear our ohm vocalize.


A father to one,

but a mother to many

as we desire our precipice by time.

To what we believe,

to what we see,

until we find our prime.

This was my spiritual journey

where I end my words

for our night-time.  

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