So help me god

for I have been a sinner

therefore I give my end.

So I have lost my pride

as I swim with the thousand nights

I hold my breath as I emend.

To believe that I have lived

I reminisce of a time

with nothing to pretend.

We are one,

hidden in the dark,

as our grace transcend.

So who am I, I ask myself,

to what I owe this ruins?

Here I see the darkness in my eyes

as I become a stranger to my night.

To as I hope, when lost,

I would find my path in the light.

But for now, as I drown,

I care less about my pride.

Who reaches for my hand

before I drown with my last ride.

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13 thoughts on “‘Passage,

    1. Well, that’s a freaking honour, Latham 🙏🏽♥️ to compare my work with “Satan’s cry”. Truly appreciate it ♥️ gosh, god no words to describe what I’m feeling at this moment!!

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      1. “The heart only knows the truth, but our mind can be deceiving. To trust what we feel, but to question what we see!”. This is what inspires me, my whole life and my void of the future. To as you inspire me by day and night as you keep on reading my work ♥️ I’m glad you can feel the depth in my heart and appreciate my sight♥️ (can’t wait for you to read my next poetry tonight)😳😘🤫

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