Across my own blood waters

I remember what I didn’t tell you.

It was during morning passages

where I, in silent, fell through.


Between the lines of an era

I sought for a way to tell the truth.

Where my unpleasant plea

would remember me of my youth.


So far, as the distance could be seen,

I swim under my agleam wave.

For I dream in nightmares

as I, frightened, close my eyes in my grave.


Where the part in my light

should enlighten me from my fear.

I whisper to my hell, as I whittle

with my spell, while I wept a tear.


Let me begin with a story to tell;

Where the nights become clear.

As the stars reveal my footsteps

my past dances with my night sun sincere.


There is always hope left untouched

where she is my beauty that I loved.

Thus I can’t see my horror

until I met my own soul unloved.

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6 responses to “‘Drift,”

  1. The title of this poem suits the way your words pull us, the readers in, and then slowly let us out again and again. Beautifully written my friend. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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