Jojo VS Ansar


Oh’ hear me whisper to hell

For I know endangered dark well.



In forests that are old,

as old as is the moon.



To as her agleam speaks to the trees

she became the lighting doom.



I wish you enough sun

to keep your attitude bright.

I wish you enough rain

to appreciate the sun more.



Let me rise,

let me fall,

let me speak for the wise,

for I am blue with the war.



Lose yourself, lose yourself.

Esacpe from the cloud

that surrounds you,

then you will see your own light

as radiant as the full moon.



To be frightened

I have to accept my faith.

For there is death

I speak of my own wraith.



We are all human,

living in a human world.

Most are nice, sincere, loving even kind,

But perfect causes such unhappiness.



Now I reach out with my hand,

covered in darkened blood,

to feel your lingering command.



That’s the thing about the moon,

the stars and the sun.

When they are ready

the demand to be seen.



Thus, I am enchanting my land

to the heart of a stranger.

She belongs to the world

wherefore I fell for danger.



Far away,

the planet looks united.

But through

the atmosphere

you see humans

between different borders




To unite or not to unite

therefore, I whisper to my heart.

I Have been the first fallen

as I seek for the beauty apart.



This world is a pretty evil place.

Even if some goodness

does shine through once in a while.

Satisfaction and happiness don’t last.



With my last step I take thee

to the end of the world.

Here I wait and see

luna rise with our past.



Don’t waste words on people

who deserve your silence.

Sometimes the most powerful

thing you say is nothing at all.



Wherefore I sought

I did not find.

Wherefore I wander

I kept myself blind.

Wherefore I wonder

I saw beauty intertwined.



Take your careers,

turn them into callings;

Take your fears,

turn them into conquering.



Here have I taken my last walk,

beforehand, I share thee my kind.

See the agleam bright

for I have given all my light.



The chicken is clueless about the egg’s fate.

will it hatch or become an omelette?

no one knows what the future holds.

The following post was in collaboration with Ansar

Ansar asked me if we could do some collaboration together and see what we could do! It’s always fun to work with one another across the world. Two strangers trying to share their passion for writing. One misfit meets another creator. Jojo VS Ansar. 

I Am always open for collaboration, So feel free to always contact me through; or my following socials! 

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