To waltz with time,

with amity we fall,

remember our last vein.

Somewhere in between,


we become one with pain.

As blue the day is

we promise to remiss,

for our tears hide in rain.

What has to be

can’t be seen, what ought

to fall ought to feign.

Tonight my heart is light

as the moon brightens

my first fight.

In shadows we drift away

for I closely see

the end beyond my sight.

To as eternity washes

over me, I hide during daylight.

The stories we tell,

despite we conquer our knight,

with my own spell.

Here I raise my soul

for I have given up

when I fell.

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25 responses to “‘Evenfall,”

  1. Hello, I find your poems intriguing, I perceive them to feel a little sad. But again everyone’s perception is different. I’m going to read it again. I love poetry.🦋💙

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    • Hi, fellow stranger. It’s a honour to know that you find my work intriguing! And, yes there could be sadness or anything in it. As you say, everyone’s perception is different, as that always try to write whatever my heart and mind feel. I love poetry as well ❤️☺️

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      • Hello there, I do find your work intriguing, perception is everything. I’m a bit of analyser, so I love to think of the situation it the feelings that person felt at the moment of writing.
        I too write whatever I’m feeling, this is new to me, after finishing my book, yet to be published,zi discovered poetry. Perhaps a little novice, but from the heart too. 🦋

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  2. “Tonight my heart is light

    as the moon brightens

    my first fight.”

    Jojo sirrrrrr it’s beautiful in its own sad and broken words uh know that? No but uh must know that. Always love your writings so so so so so and very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you for being. ❤❤❤

    PS: Also miss talking to uh. And sorry couldn’t able to mail uh, I have had an accident and have injured a bit more so wasn’t fine but trying to walk slowly and trying to take things in my hand now. It’s like taking something makes pain, feels heavy to my hand so and miss your poems to read, and also my exam went good and I’ll be fine soon and will be here to read your every poems again. Hope you’re doing all way fiiiiiiine Mr. Poet. Keep smiling. Lots of love to uh❤❤

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    • Pruuuuu, hi dear. Don’t apologise, you stupid. No need for that, especially because you have had an accident. I Just hope you will recover soon❤️😅🙏🏽 please take care of yourself, Pruuu. I’m glad your exams went well, though. Such a relief!

      Now, take care of yourself and get better soon! ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  3. Oh dear, what an opening line. Waltz with time
    And the pain used as a glue – 🥺magical.

    As above you were discussing about perception, these two lines stand alone for me in a very romantic context: 🥰
    for I have given up
    when I fell.

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