However, words never sleep,

as I awake I lost my forever.

Still asleep, for there is

reality that falls never.

The hollow in the ferns

hide their daylight sever.

For I rise with shallow

evening roses, I behold

my days as she disappears

into whatsoever. Ps, I’m

still here, for I open               

the curtains as I drown in my tears.

This was my last sorrow,

for I have to rise with affairs.

To walk downstairs I see

the light as I lost my fears.

But what has become

will never be drained by years.

Oh’ my heir, these endangered

dark has no stairs. There Is

a song that will never

linger for my ears. Oh’, hard

times, come again no more unawares.

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With much love & inspiration written by me,

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10 responses to “‘Unaware,”

    • Thank you so much, Paul! I’m glad you liked my work! Unfortunately I don’t have a audio version yet, I’m working on it. I hope I can add spoken poetry to my blog soon!☺️

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      • Indeed, and here in India situation has gone from bad to worst. How is situation at your place, jojo?? Take care and stay safe. And healthy and strong you must be after hitting gym 🙈🏋🚴💪

        Liked by 1 person

      • I saw it on TV! So terrible!! Gosh, especially for you guys I hope it will be over soon! At my place it’s getting better, we had our third lockdown! Gym is still not open after 5 month’s 😭 so been training at home ✌🏾 you too Take care of yourself, Divya ❤️

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  1. I know that everyone interprets poetry and words in their own way. This one really spoke to me; as I am currently going through a miscarriage. I haven’t cried in I can’t tell you how long, until I just read this. Something in the words just really touched my soul…thank you for this poem, thank you for putting it out here for everyone to see…I truly needed this.

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    • Hi, Kimberly, wow… thank you so much for sharing me your story! I Just have no words to it. It’s so beautiful that you could openly tell me this! I feel your pain❤️💔 yes indeed, we all interpret poetry different and I’m glad my work got to you that you even had to cry after how long… I write so I could connect with the reader and thanks to you we could, even for a brief moment!

      I wish you all the best care to your health and life. You deserve it, don’t give up on hope❤️

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  2. “There Is

    a song that will never

    linger for my ears. Oh’, hard

    times, come again no more unawares.”

    “However, words never sleep,

    as I awake I lost my forever.”

    Jojo sir, my poet sir. These lines just drew me away to the another world as usual. I love your poems so muchhhh, big fan of your poems, won’t lie truly saying.

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