The slow ascent

whispers to a misfit.

“may it be” the sound

of shadows off calm split.

Onto the young mountain,

with holy writ,

I have golden falls to admit.

For this is my slow meadow

as my desire moves into flight.

With my wings, spread,

over the shallow chambers of the night,

your hand onto my palm

tender and light.

Breathe in my cosmic waves

for I will fly with

shallow waters tonight.

This little light, from

shattering moon,

whispers to me bright.

Hereby I fall

with the king and knight.

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16 responses to “‘Wander,”

  1. Wow! Such amazing words! Great work.
    Hey! I have just started a blogging on positivity and mental health. It will mean world to me if you stop by my page sometime and shower some love!
    Have a great day!!❤


  2. This is the second time I noticed the word “misfit” – this tells me of the insecure heart.


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