In the dark, where my tears hide,

I doubt my path that I will take.

Onwards to the shallow night

I find beauty in any mistake.

Here I belong, as I wait,

in front of the dawn to wake.

Yet I perish, as roses bloom,

the thorns beside my truthful heart.  

For A moment I believe,

without sorrow, we are one tear apart.

A whisper has spoken to my soul today;

“Here I see beauty hidden in your art.”

To dream of another reality, by night,

I sought for the northern light.

Once upon a midnight, as I translated into the sky,

the stars sparkle bright…

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With much love & inspiration written by me,

Stamp of approval

41 responses to “‘Onwards,”

  1. Umm I would must say that it’s so very lovely. You know? But what I feel is ” When you fall in love with a writer, you can never die. ” I can dedicate it to you, you’re too much older than me and I’m just a tiny heart but just dedicating to give you love and good hopes to never ever stop writing. And it’s okay break up happens, I can feel that deep pain but still we all readers love you for your fabulous heart work, like hand work it’s your heart work I’d say. Keep writing, just keep writing because what I’m living on my heartbreaking life is ” Just love on, still in spirit, act with heart. Also with patience. ” it’s a words from a poem A Psalm of Life
    BY Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. So we’re all with you, whenever need just pop up okay!?

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    • Pfff, pruuu. How do I even respond to this, gosh. My heart is melting and glowing at the same time ❤️🙏🏽 you have inspired me so much with all you loving and beautiful comments 😍 I promise to my heart to always to listen to her, because she has guided me throughout many beautiful and painful moments, but I only got stronger!!

      Ps, Henry Wadsworth is amazing 🙏🏽
      You are amazing! ❤️

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