Through the night, consumed by fire,

we circle to where there used to be trees.

From broken promises, to strangers,

to endless fragments of time on my knees.

To wonder the feel of summer rain

by daylight that no one can ever reprise.

To chase sorrow by my own, as I fall,

I see hope in my moon with a soft breeze.

Now is the time to follow the spirit garden,

at last, in the magnificent grey.

In the clouds, within one moment,

I dream of another reality every day.

You are my sleeping lotus, As I left

with the rising sun I feel your hands as I pray.

Come over my shoulders, as I awake,

for there is no more reason to betray.

What was, is not anymore, what will be,

is not in my control, to as you got away.

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With much love & inspiration written by me,

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8 responses to “‘Occasio,”

  1. Aww wow jj… This is beautiful. Each line is perfectly written. Thanks for sharing another wonderful piece. Love it 😊❤️🌹

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