I Belong to you, night and day,

to as I believe more in the truth.

The dearest heaven at night,

whom would admire sun’s-youth.

With the slightest sight

I would pass on for the hidden light.

To be gone without care,

the darkness did not

cherish my stare.

To wonder I have to dream,

as I see our hearts in the air.

Wake me up from delusional thought

while I spree for a moment of prayer.

Do you want to “Help a brother out” please check out the next link; “JJ-stache” As love is a mystery felt by your heart we need to support one another. Do not feel obligated to do so, just have fun. I Want to thank everyone for taking their time to read my work!

With much love & inspiration written by me,

Stamp of approval

28 responses to “‘Moon,”

  1. Just beautiful jj… Each line speaks volumes of deep and meaningful needs. Wonderfully written and expressed 😊❤️🌹

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  2. Hello dear vriend, I felt that desire that you expressed in these lines: “The dearest heaven at night, whom would admire sun’s-youth.” And “the darkness did not cherish my stare.” lovely ❤ that's beautiful imagery. You know, as we discussed the other day – so many things happen when we close our eyes, sometimes I don't want to get up from my sleep because that dream is more beautiful than the immediate reality. "To wonder I have to dream," you expressed that perfectly.
    I wish you plenty of moons (as you have a good number of skies). Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! 🙂

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    • Hi back at ya, dear friend! I Hope al is well with you ☺️ that’s so true, ” that dream is more beautiful than the immediate reality.” I Just think we need to find a way to use that beauty in the reality of life itself. The moon is my muse, speechless, but yet powerful.

      Once again I appreciate your time to read my work, Nebula ❤️🙏🏽 I wish you all the best in 2021 ,navavarsh kee shubhakaamana 🎊🎉❤️

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  3. This is so beautiful!! Such a lovely poem. Loved it. Happy new year to you.
    I am new on wordpress and I would love some support for my blog posts. Please do visit my site. Thank you 🤗

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  4. Completley different world*

    It is truly a pleasure to get to read your work. Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful and powerful work with all of us ❤👍🏻🙏🏻😊😊😊

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