‘one wish,

If one wish was all we had

while a world belongs to a hymn

of ohms, let me ask thee;

would we know the good from bad?


If one wish was all we had

and the death would belong

to our last breath

would you bring back your mom or dad?


If one wish was all we had

do we find the time to close our eyes

and see with the blind, hence;

would we or would we not be sad?


If one wish was all we had

could we take back our

last regret, to as

would we not be glad?


If one wish was all we had

would we speak of no evil

if thou could simply ask;

“what more could we add?”

Do you want to “Help a brother out” please check out the next link; “JJ-stache” As love is a mystery felt by your heart we need to support one another. Do not feel obligated to do so, just have fun. I Want to thank everyone for taking their time to read my work!

With much love & inspiration written by me,

Stamp of approval

24 responses to “‘one wish,”

      • If I had access to a wish I’d hope I’d wish for something which makes the world a better place, increased agricultural yields or something like that, I’d be tempted to do it in a self-serving way though. Maybe me being able to manifest any physical thing I’d want. I haven’t really lost anyone too dear to me, so at least I wouldn’t be too tempted by wishing for the life of one person, when I could save millions with a powerful enough wish.

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      • That’s actually a great wish!! I love that wish, truly ❤️ my wish would be the same actually, it would be great if more people would have the same mindset. I mean, how less pain/war would there be. No more killing, Just love and harmony! Yeah…. A wish that would be an assamble to life!

        I always try to be kind and help people when they are in need. With no question asked. (Little tip on the iceberg ‘I love to feed people with food’)

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      • Yeah, I’s want people to be more altruistic too. I’m actually beginning to doubt the agricultural yield wish though since I’m not sure if there would be another wish out there which would achieve even more good.

        As for our mindset reducing war, pain yeah more good people and charity can really help with that, but you only need a few bad actors in positions of power to cause a lot of war I think…

        On another note, I like cooking for people too though feeding people is not really what I do with my charity budget (nothing too impressive a few hundred per year for now, but hope to increase it in the future). Currently, I give most of my charity money to the malaria consortium for malaria prevention, since according to GiveWell it’s the most effective evidence-backed charity at the moment.

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      • Of that one wish was ever possible then maybe we could change everything, but the real question would everyone like “your” wish, or mine. Thats the real second question we should ask. But anyway, I don’t think we ever would have that possibility 😅

        And yes, there is Always 1 percent whom could wipe all the good away in split of a second…. Unfortunately..

        Your way off helping one another is already actually great, I mean to you it’s Just couples hundreds, but to someone else it’s a treasure. Every step is a step we can or could take. The most important thing is; “step one.” We don’t need more than that!!

        Take care of yourself ❤️

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      • Yeah, there are no Genies or high level wizards in the real world.

        Covid’s reversing quite a bit of good too. I’ve heard it wiped away about a decade’s worth of the fight against poverty… Just hope we learn from this and take more preventative steps against pandemics after this and that those preventative steps stick and aren’t wiped away because they’re too expensive after a few years or decades.

        And you’re right, small donations to effective charities help a lot too. It takes around $4000 on average to the most effective charities to save a life, at the rate I’m going my donations might save a few lives over the course of mine.

        May there always be a shimmer of light in your life even in the darkest times.


    • Thank you so much, Jade ❤️ I’m glad it was to your likings 😍 long time no see and speak though. I Hope everything is going well for you?? Nothing stressful or any health issues?

      Always my pleasure to share my work, you know that 😳🤭

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      • No, no, thank you for concern. Everyone has there issues but I was only traveling to see some very old relatives for Thanksgiving. I got some wonderful photography and I’m glad I went but now that I am back home, I just need to catch up with life before I can get back into the hang of things. I’m excited to start writing again. I’m just waiting for the right inspiration.
        Haha, yes, and it is always my pleasure to read it.

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      • Ahh. Glad to know all is fine! Good to know you still had a good time with your relatives though! We always need time to settle again whenever we get back home after a while! Take all your time you need, J. Just take care of yourself. And I Hope you Lovely inspiration will come back soon!!😍❤️

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  1. Hmmmm tough.. I’m at a point where I keep dreaming of little things and then I have to stop myself because it’s unhealthy. I’m not one for wishes.

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