Among words I share thee my thoughts.



Afraid…. As I can’t gaze through.

With a most knowing eyes

you spread your wings and flew.

Of beauty you spoke,

Of hymn you sang,

Of the nights you grew.

I am going to say what I can’t say;

“You are not alone,

As I am frightened by the thoughts of the night,

I look into the sky and see thou eyes.

Do not follow me as I am running to screech.”

Among words I share thee my thoughts.




Alone… As I follow my soul.

I try to behold my mystery

as you can’t touch my symphony-whole.

Nearing my lights, Looking for a god I can’t see

to as I feel it within my empty hole.

Stamp of approval

13 responses to “‘lachrymose,”

  1. Really beautiful jojo….. The words are amazing and it was presented nicely. A sweet sensitive poem with deep feeling, wonderful piece 😊❤️🌹

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  2. “With most knowing eyes you spread your wings and flew.”
    “As I am frightened by the thoughts of the night, I look into the sky and see thou eyes.”
    These lines in particular reminded me of “wish, your friend. And the way you finished the poem, the last four lines are agonizingly beautiful. Lovely.
    symphony-whole and God in the hole, just beautiful.

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    • Sorry for the late reply, but I was so busy with work today! Totally get it how those lines remind you of “wish”. Didn’t do it on purpose though 😏 but Great eye you have, maybe the most knowing eyes 👀 thank you so much for reading my work as usual, Nebula ❤️🙏🏽

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    • Omg, Nebula. Okay, I think I have to do it this way, Because you have closed all your comment section…. Truly, how did I fucking miss you blogger recognition award… I mean like, HOW??? I’m so sorry for that, truly!! It was so beautiful what you have done for me, to me, with me.. wow. ❤️❤️❤️ I didn’t get any notification, But wow I truly appreciate it what you have done!! I Hope everything is fine with you, though?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am so 😃h😃a😃p😃p😃y😃 that you liked it. I posted it when you were sleeping🙈 so you might have missed it. And so no need to be sorry.😉 I really appreciate your kindness.
        What about you, all good? For my part, remember “ik ben geweldig”!

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      • Ofcourse I liked it, I actually loved it, Nebula!! Ahh that’s why I missed it😭 well, it was still beautiful. Hahaha good to know that I don’t have to be sorry! I’m doing fine actually, having a week off from work at This moment. So, I Will be catching up, writing, setting up my blog (little beauty upgrade) and so on. Good to know you have been doing great, Nebula.

        main apane jurrat ka intajaar kar raha hoon
        (Thanks to Google translate this time😳)

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      • ☺😊☺
        Well I guess you have worked hard even on Sunday, so you deserve a week off 😉 I am always excited about upgrades.

        ik ben in de war. ik ken “jurrat” niet. waar wacht je op??????

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      • Even on Sundays I have to work😭 but it’s okay. Can’t wait when I’m done upgrading my page. I had a special photoshoot for my blog today.
        Apparently Google translate isn’t always trustworthy 😂😂 I meant to say “moze” 😳

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