To as I sleep at midnight,

from shadows to stars,

I am one step away from disaster.

As I pray out my thoughts

I await my soul to be risen by thou pastor.

To love,

To nod,

To as I am taken from scrimmage.

oh’, hear me speak. As I care

for your audible image.

Upon the quiet mountain top,

I seek for mystery beyond your eyes.

To as I wasn’t a believer, oh’ lady of the night

take me home to place

where you can’t disguise.

Hi Lovers & fighters; Fun with words.

I hope everyone is doing well? Today I had a little fun with writing. I Felt like playing with words today. So please, have fun reading it, but the real thing would be if you would share me your thoughts. Should I do it again or not? I don’t know. You tell me:).

Stamp of approval

13 responses to “‘Sleeper,”

  1. a lovely poem; I love the phrase ‘taken from scrimmage’: it is so unusual and I empathize with your seeking for mystery for only in finding it do we find peace 🙂

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