Oh’ hear my heart whisper,

“If not when, then where do we meet?”

As the unknown has spoken for you.

We trust in a verse of time

while I seek for the skies of blue.

Surrender…. My blood of hope

follows the one who flew.

I’m a misfit who prolongs his desire

as beauty speaks from my soul.

Father, hear my words as I stand tall.

To you I Say; “I Am strong.”

As I don’t want you to cry along.


Let me be who I can’t be.


Let me show you what you can’t see.

I Speak of the truth

as this world frightens me.

“What If?” I ask myself,

What if time gets me down on one knee?

‘Oh hear me loudly;

“I’m who I am supposed to be, you see?

Stamp of approval

31 responses to “‘truth,”

  1. This was painful to read, and I mean that in a good way.

    Father, hear my words as I stand tall.
    To you I Say; “I Am strong.”
    As I don’t want you to cry along.

    These three lines actually made me cringe – they very closely parallel the relationship I had with my own father. And… they caused our relationship damage, unfortunately 😦

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    • Hi Ben,

      First I want to say thank you for reading my work, and liking my work. even when you could relate to it a little bit to much🤧

      Second, woow. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and being so honest about it! It can be hard at times when things won’t work out as they supposed to be.

      I’m glad my work got a moment to connect with people who read it! Sometimes painful and sometimes beautiful! And you showed me the beauty in pain!❤️❤️

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  2. Jojo this is unimaginably beautiful…🌹🌹 A pure heartfelt deepness in these lines. Wow 😮. Yeah I do feel some pain with this one. Such an amazing piece jojo. Your words truly are a connection. Love it ❤️❤️

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  3. Really, really beautiful… I love this one Jojo. Some very lovely lines, “My blood of hope follows the one who flew” and “as this world frightens me” — yes, the world feels very frightening at times. And yes, hope follows those who somehow find a happier balance within it. A comfort to read this dark morning. Thanks for sharing it. 💛

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  4. Brilliant! There were so many lines I took to heart. “Seeking skies of blue,” though. I fell in love at this point. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful words.

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    • Hihihih aahww Thank you so much, Jade 😍🤭 glad that many of my lines took a piece to your heart🤭🤭
      It’s always my pleasure to share my work, J! Thanks for reading and liking my work ❤️

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  5. There’s always two sides in every things, so in your poem too both pain and humbleness has resided that too with beauty. People get easily connect to you because of your words, because somewhere and somehow even you’re giving love to your fans by your words though I really do know that it’s a pain of yours you’ve articulated, because even I write poems when I feel to write, but I’ve wrote only 77 till now, and I wanna more so more. Anyways lots of Love to you poet Jojo.

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    • Hihihih ahww, Thanks, dear. And yes Indeed, there’s always 2 two sides to a story! Glad you could understand that one in my work.
      I hope they get easily connected to my work 🙈❤️ Lots of love back to you, Pruuu!

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