I Sit and wait……

This symphony I hear in a stream

wandering down earth’s path.

No hymn follows my vein

while I linger with words

for a willow of thoughts.

I Am lost as I wait….

To feel or not to feel?

Of these questions I occur my heart

and I wonder hopeless throughout my part.

The waves of mother’s sea

has spoken to me.

I rise as I fall…

Take me away from these

thoughts of emperor

as I rise I choose to fall

for there is none to feel.

The only enemy there is

is the one in me….
Stamp of approval

40 responses to “‘Ortu,”

  1. Wow….😊 Amazingly beautiful as always. It’s a nice difference jojo I actually really love it. A very special poem, it has so much beauty. The words fit perfectly together, like a symphony you hear in the stream ❤️❤️

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    • Hihihih aahww thank you so much, Amirah!! I felt like doing something else for one, and I’m glad you actually really loved it 🙈 was really nervous about this one! Little bit out of the comfort zone 😳 Always appreciate your loving feedback ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽

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      • Your welcome jojo….. Don’t be nervous, whatever you write is always wonderful. We need to step out of our comfort zones sometimes ❤️🌹😊.

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  2. Hallo! You know I rode that wave- _/\_. Oops that was a little rough ride 😅. But shall I feel or not feel! Nice REFLECTION 😃, jojo. What was in your head when you wrote “thoughts of emperor”?
    Ps, wat is er mis met je commentaargedeelte 😕😒?

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    • Hey Nebula, hoe gaat het met je? Ik weet niet wie zij is, maar het begin opeens…..

      “thoughts of Emperor” at that moment I was not in the ready to be strong, to fight, to be an emperor! Something in me was, but I wasn’t really. So that’s why to feel or not to feel.

      It took me some time to understand myself, but more and more I get who I am supposed to be 🙈🤭❤️ just finding my way to express all of that!

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      • Hoi, ik ben geweldig 😁. And you are rocking.
        Ohhh, I see (emperor). That’s so strong of you 💪🙏👏👏. Really appreciate it. “Enlightenment”( 😛) is getting to know yourself. All the best, vriend.

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      • Hahaha , you just said and I quote: Ik ben geweldig, that translates to “I’m awesome”. So you called yourself just awesome 🤫😏🙈 hihihih all the best to you too, dear 🤭❤️

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  3. I Am lost as I wait….

    “To feel or not to feel?

    Of these questions I occur my heart…”

    Wow! I am diving deeper in the ocean of thoughts with those words. So beautiful 🌸

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  4. This is nothing less to magnificent. As the other comments pointed out,
    To feel or not to feel….you truly are a master of your art. So so relatable and beautiful poetry.
    Wow! Cannot return without reading it again.

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    • Aahww Jade, thank you so much, dear ❤️☺️ I’m glad you like it! It means a lot coming from you❤️🙏🏽

      I hope you are doing well, though? It has been a while! Have a blessed and strong week ahead!!

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      • Why of course. You know I love your work. 💙

        I am doing well. Thank you for asking! I’ve just been caught up with writing my novel lately. I do hope to publish sometime this next year. I’ve been taking care of myself though. How are you? 🌻

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      • Hihih❤️🙏🏽

        Good to know you have been doing fine, j! that’s amazing, can’t wait to see more of your novel. I know everything will work out for you, as you have such great and loving way of writing!!

        I’m fine as well, been busy with work, writing and the gym, but the good kind of busy! ☺️❤️🙏🏽

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      • Haha yes. The good kind of busy. That is always brilliant. Glad you’re taking care of yourself. Have an amazing rest of the month. The year is going by quickly. 💙

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      • Amen. I often wish I was nocturnal. I could spend my days living and my nights creating; but you are right. We can manage. There is always enough time for the important things.

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