Hold me strong

as I have no pride.

Let me seek for my answers

as I have nothing to hide.

“I Have lost you”





These words speak for my mind.

I Have to believe

that we are lost and I was blind.

Listen to my ohms

my heart speaks of no hymn.

Dismantle me from your soul

and find me within evening dim.

I Close my eyes

while you let me decide.

“Do we shiver our love?”

Your heart was cold as I was denied……

Stamp of approval


30 responses to “‘prolong,”

  1. Awwww very beautiful jojo💕…. Sorry your heart was denied. I couldn’t imagine why, I’m thinking she was blind. Loved it jojo ❤️❤️

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      • Your welcome….. 💕💕 Thanks for sharing 😊. The words are amazing ❤️


      • Haha, no problems….. I like to read things over and over. It brings different meanings and feelings with each read 💕

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      • That’s so true though. I get it, in time things could change for us. the way we see things, feel things or express. I mean, the things I have read couple years ago have now new meaning to me compared to back then! And yeah sometimes it’s just fun to read the same sentence a couple times, so we truly can connect with the writer behind the words 🙈😍

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      • Glad you agree 🤭❤️❤️ love to connect with other people!

        You inspired me to write at this moment, so that’s what I’m about to do🤭❤️
        Thanks again for the support and take care of yourself, A. ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽


  2. Dear Jojo… beautiful developments in your poetry… I feel I “get” this, so much…

    “Listen to my ohms
    my heart speaks of no hymn.
    Dismantle me from your soul
    and find me within evening dim.”

    Paradoxes that make sense during emotional breakdown. But feels laced with hope, which is what makes it lovely. Hugs. 💛🙏🌷

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  3. Oh goodness, God bless you for your gifted blessings that you can right so damn beautifully and powerfully poet sir.

    Well there’s alot of your work I’ve not read yet, and I really wanna read each of those charming words, and it would be fine if the poem reflects deep words cuz uh know how to make them beautiful, you’re just parent of the words trust me, uh play with them such easily that sometimes I insidely just get astonish that how the fuck can he write this much beautifully? I showed your some poems to my cousin, and she loved it so much, she told show me even more and she read few more. And and are uh getting to read my mails? Do read them okay, it’s just a gift and love from your tiny fan to keep you smiling everyday okay!?

    I am busy these days so ain’t getting much time to come here, cuz my online exams just started few days ago so. But I’ll do come and read your poems again when my exams will get finished.

    Anyways lots of love to you!!Xx

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    • Pfff what do I even say to this, Pruuu ❤️❤️

      First of all, *speechless*

      Second, Thank you so, so, so, so, so much. I can’t be more grateful!!! This is just too much love I can handle!!!

      Third, yes I have been reading your emails. Don’t you worry about it!

      Good luck with your exams, your first priority at this moment!

      Lots of love back ☺️❤️

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