This is what I do to keep my faith,

as I strongly submit to the raising praise.

“I have my fingers crossed between my eyes.

free with hope

as I seek for the skies.

unlimited beauty awaits

for us, you and I, to disguise.”

Let me begin;

As I whittle with my tongue

to have this story told by thee,

the young.

To follow the stream in my heart for this,

as it started with a breeze kiss

on the lips,

I reckon my heart for you to miss.

Mother, do please define our shine!

All I ask for,

seek for,

to grasp for a sign. To wander within

our stream of faith

as we follow our bloodline.
Stamp of approval

29 responses to “‘Solemn,”

  1. Ohhh I see 😮, that’s your secret ✍ 😍😍✍️️.

    “This is what I do to keep my faith,
    as I strongly submit to the raising praise.”
    Gosh 😓, that’s certainly a pressure. Kudos to you for keeping it at bay 👏👏.
    But why do “us” disguise? Is it like expressing thoughts using some metaphor and then allowing readers to unwrap as they wish? 😕
    The last line must be very deep 🙏🙏, but I have the opportunity to ask. Could you please explain?

    I am learning to read poetry! ☺️

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    • Hahaha you got me right there, nebula 😳👀

      This is so lovely first I want to say thank you so much for everything, your interest and your time to read my work and want to understand it. To understand poetry!! This is what I love!! So thank you🤭

      The “us” part can be everything, everything or whatever you want to believe it to be. Something you truly connect with and just want to disguise! So as you said was right Indeed. For the reader to unwrap. (I Always try to write in a way that you can just picture it you want it to be, to feel and to see.)

      ” All I ask for,
      Seek for,
      To grasp or a sign. To wander within
      Our stream of faith
      As we follow our bloodline”

      With this I wanted to say that I, and when I say “i” I mean everyone. That we have been seeking for that connection, that power for faith and all. That we sometimes forget that’s it always has been in us, in our blood. Since the beginning. And as that’s why we wander. We truly forget. Just untill we recognise it and feel it within.

      I hope you understand it now? And truly, feel free to Always ask if you don’t know what I’m trying to say or whatever. Just feel free to Always contact me and ask me all questions you like to know😊❤️

      Have a lovely week, nebula!!

      Ps, I have a Little rule and that’s that I love to call people by their name. So, is nebula your real name or is it something else.. 😳😳 don’t feel like you have to share it though. If you don’t want to it’s all fine by me ❤️😊

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