Let me close my eyes

and sleep at last.

To remember the things

that have been haunting me.

I Have left it behind,

behind in the past.

Let me go and let me stand by my soul.

To we both have to say goodbye

because we didn’t outlast.

And I want you to know;

“Let me be the one

to stare with my eyes closed.

No more, no less, to be passed.”

Stamp of approval

17 gedachten over “‘Tonight,

  1. ““Let me be the one / to stare with my eyes closed.” Wow!!! It feels like we were on the same wavelength here. I was writing along similar lines earlier. (But, “poetry, interrupted.” 📽 💁🏼‍♀️ ;)) So lovely, Jojo, peaceful, and with a healing vibe. Thanks for providing gentle love, for tired eyes. 💛

    Geliked door 1 persoon

    1. Hihihih it’s like great minds think alike 👀😳 the beautify of poetry and writing 🤭.. okay Lia, you have to help me out I can’t guess the movie 😭😂 you win THIS time 👀

      Ps, Thanks for liking my work though🤭❤️ always love your comments!! (My eyes were actually closed when I wrote that part) 🤫😳

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