Now I am alone

where I ponder of the death.

Between heaven and hell

I inhale my last breath.

My earth, my heart and my vein

connect with your blooming rose.

The smell of defeat conquers

with your unwritten prose.

With my both hands I pray with my saviour

as they demolish my sacred meadows.

Nothing was lost, everything was forgiven

and now I flee with my shadows.

To believe in tales of magic

I wished upon my stars.

Where they smiled with looming light

I remembered my first memoirs.

Rain falling from the sky

and flowers blooming from my earth

their shadows disappeared into the light.

That is, if I wasn’t mistaken,

the truth and the believe of my night.

Thus I plea;

“Death would do my part

And to love was my plight.

I Flee with my soul

so open your eyes and see my sight.  

You are the nemesis of my shadows

hidden behind my fright.

My earth, my heart and my vein,

I inhale my first breath.

Now I am not alone,

where I ponder to be not death.”


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