My earth,

I solum swear to sleep with you in my heart.

Like death I felt my dying rhyme

skip that hollow vain, now I speak with no breath;

“With nothing but emptiness, hope and hollowness

I walk down my lane and swim throughout your vein.

They laughed to my depart, but now, with music to my ears,

I show you the endless touch of love and pain.”


My escape,

I promise to find you by my time.

With hope I believe to find my stars

hidden under that dying prime.

With all the lights we can’t see

you reached out for my hand.

To receive infinite words

and speak of my conquered land.


Dear grief,

You are my endless hope.

As sweet my memories ought to be,

I flow with you as I release my rope.

See my broken smile, feel my envy

and I shall be that crying sorrow.

How come, how so and where is that

unloved touch as you have been hollow?


Dear heart,

Listen as you burn from inside.

How that woman of power

listens to her clicking hour.

As she grows to empower

she arose with her flower.

In the night she rose for her mother

and blooms with the light.

Afar in the morning,

between darkness and height,

she conquered the distance

with grace in eyesight.

Now she enlightens her path

to be guided by fond memories of plight.


That was, and is, the story of my pride….

5 responses to “‘Pride,”

    • Always my pleasure to share my work, Felic ❤️ I’m glad you liked it! I just love to play with words and I do my best, so it means even more whenever you appreciate my art!

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