Now, heaven,

come to my preach

and hear my hymn

follow your dying speech.

For this looming light I pray, therefore,

I surrender my soul for each.

Thus you follow my path

that has been written to teach.

The search of my conquering gate,

at the mistake of life, we fall

for the departure of chaos.

Hold that mind and

be led by a peaceable strife.

With circulation and beauty

I flow and flow with your afterlife

as you hold the mistake

while you flee with your dying knife,

thus you find my funeral

hidden under your rife….



10 responses to “‘Strife,”

    • Thank you so Much, rasmasandra. Glad you liked it, and we should thank the artist on pexel for her or hers great art! Amazing foto indeed. The inspiration to my writings!! ❤️🙏🏽


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