Like my dying wish

I float under my realm.

Where hope was all I had

as rain had to overwhelm.

To drain, to fall, to breath,

to fight, to seek and to arise.

Like water I follow my stream

now the tide beholds my skies.

as swell I am,

as hollow I feel

I shall kneel for my solace.

Now I find my stars

in the night,

where dreams

and hope,

would embrace my wish flawless.

To be lost, to be forgotten, to be strong

and to be one of the aurora.

Now I feel my fairy heart

bloom with your aura.


9 responses to “‘Truant,”

    • Cindy, glad you loved it and thank you so much! I have my 3000 followers post ready for next week🙈❤️ love those little milestones! I Hope you have been doing well?


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