With the hidden smile

I sought and sought for a while.

As I, lost in meanwhile,

have this dream of my vile.

Now with hope I flee

and thus my eyes shall  plea;

“With my realms I see

the world behind my forgotten tree.”

She was my hope

where I relentless lost my pope.

Aspired to give the endless rope

to end volatility as I got to elope.

Listen and feel my ghost song

linger under your soul lifelong.

In the darkness those roots feel strong,

But the end had to belong.

18 responses to “‘daughter,”

    • Amen and thank you so much, weedjee ❤️ I do my best and I’m glad you like my work! Gratitude and love 🙏🏽 “Hope, it is entitled to be more than a wish and a dream. Hope, is our way to fight against the supreme. Now we await for that everlasting regime. Hope that’s my self-esteem.” Once again, i thank you, weedjee!!! ❤️🙏🏽

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, michael. I’m glad you loved reading it! Truly appreciate it!! And yes indeed, “hope is our reason why we are still alive. Hope is why we breath as we strive. Hope had to become the reason for our life.” Take care of yourself ❤️


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