‘This thursday,

Gosh, I don’t even know how to start. Don’t even know what I should say or talk about at this moment. It’s been a while since I even shared a little thing about myself, poetry or whatsoever about my goals. As many of you noticed I have been Offline for a while, until 2.5 weeks ago. Slowly I am sharing my work again and start gaining your trust. To be honest with you all, It has been a hectic and unscheduled period the last couple months… In September I went to Cuba for 2 weeks and WOW. The BEST 2 weeks! Nothing could replace that moment for me, the experience and the people! Those two weeks have inspirerd me to do what I love to do. All I can say at this moment is: “I MISSED WRITING SO MUCH AND I AM GLAD TO BE BACK IN THIS LITTLE LOVING COMMUNITY.” But, there is more. In meantime I have been busy (again) editing my website, writing and creating a new “content”. So, hereby I want officially announce my brand new website AND ‘Where the artist meets art, Content. Click here if you can’t wait and want to see the page.


But simply said: Let’s begin at the ending: As you probably know I am JoJo Al-Waealy. The proud owner of my following content “JJ-Stache”. A nickname given by one of my followers. I started sharing my work when the Covid pandemic started in 2020. A time where we all could reflect our precious given time and to be remembered that life wasn’t only just given easily, but also reminded us that It can be taken away as simple as one, two, three. After planning, writing and setting goals for myself I decided to share my work with you guys, and as I love to share my work I too want to help one another misfit that I could aspire as they inspired me, Hence ‘Where the artist meets art, page. Here I will be sharing the unknow misfits their art, of course with their permission. So, stop reading this little content and start scrolling down to submit your work with JJ-Stache himself.


So, Do you want me to share your work?

You are just one Stache away from sending your precious art: ‘Where the artist meets art,

14 responses to “‘This thursday,”

  1. Hi Jojo! I definitely missed your beautiful presence and energy. Was very glad to see you back. I love that you wrote what you’ve been up to, and the new site sounds like a wonderful project. 🙏🤗

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    • Hi Lia, and I too missed you! It’s a great pleasure to be back, to stay back at it, and just to have fun. I hope you have been doing well? Whenever you feel like you want me to share some of you work feel free to contact me, Lia! It’s a real pleasure to do so ❤️ gosh, it’s really great to be back☺️

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    • I’m glad to be back as well, michael. Really missed the community, and if you want to submit your work that’s always possible! Don’t hesitate to do so ❤️ take care of yourself!!


    • Eva, it’s a pleasure to be back. I missed the community, writing and to be connected with the world throughout my words. Thank you for your warm welcome back, and hahaha thank you so much, I love it to be “cool” 😏! The eighties is my vibe, so defiantly the right word choice! And if ever you fee like you want to share something feel free to contact me, art is art, baby,! ❤️


      • First things first, Eva, it’s a honor to be the one that can share your work! Amazingly beautiful! Can’t wait to see what you got for me! Secondly, don’t be that humble about yourself! Every writer has it’s own style of signature what is unique and beautiful in every way!!! Thirdly, you can pres on the “you are just one stache away… ” Button or the mail icon underneath it! ☺️


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