At the end of my destination

I see the shallow dark bright.

twinkling stars,

hiding behind the light

as they show me

our eternal light.

A past


a future

becomes one with our night.

No way to home

was only to be unseen.

Now we follow our rain

and seek until we find athene.

The song of my birds

guides me to my queen.

As we hail, hail and not hail

till the end of my evergreen.


One Mississippi,

Two Mississippi,


Now that the clock ticks

I feel free and mostly calm.

To ass it felt like thousand words

have been spoken in my palm.

Therefore, we follow what we have

until it becomes a psalm.

Now come, my soul,

and feel my calm.

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One response to “‘Mississippi,”

  1. I like it! Until I read the counting with Mississippi I was wondering whether there would be a link to the title. Thank you for sharing. ❤️


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