If the night falls between my stars

I shall flee with my eternity.

As I smile, from stillness to

the sound of  your breath,

while I got caught by your arms.

Now I altered my ego

and whispered in silence;

( “One of my nights” )

Hold me down,

help me rise,

hand me your guide and

as I shall be by your disguise.

To lighten that darkest piece

wandering through your mind

and to forget about that time.

A Million night wonder

happened under my rhyme.

The Waves of symphony spheres

roam through my vein

and now the stars twinkle

with your eyes and vain

as we bond

in pain.  

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3 responses to “‘Solidarity,”

  1. Amen my friend! Sometimes it is difficult to know which way to go, so all we can do is steel ourselves for what is to come, with those we love around us.


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