With my nose in heaven

and my desire in my smell.

I remember the stories

I once told with a spell.

Chanting, ohms, gleam

and a pinch of love-tale.

So, open your eyes… and,

see about your trail.


With the night under my wings

I spread my eyes like morning-springs.

Hovering over you lingering aura

smelling like a misty flora.

Where every root had seen a wish

to as I flow with the stream of a fish.


At last,

with my inner view

I show thee my grace.

With the end of my path

I feel harmony in space.

And where nothing could be seen

or where nothing could have been.

I fight, I laugh ,I cry,

but yet, I hide behind my pride.


Do I even desire to hide?

As every word that has been spoken

Became “the” all knowing guide.

I am so sorry, while I was speaking

I forgot to introduce my side.

As I always have been “you” from inside.

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