‘& the winners are,

& The winners are; for my second poem contest 

I, Jojo Al-waealy, want to thank you and everyone else for submitting their work to me. You have inspired me so much! The kindness, the support and love I have received since I started my blogging journey has been amazing. As I am still flabbergasted every day by your comments, love and support! This has been my reason why I started this whole “poem contest”. To show my appreciation and love, because that’s what YOU deserve.



Title:’Her Dossier,

The edges were crinkled

Crinkled or torn where your rose-thorn hands

Gripped and rendered the paper into

Millions of night lights that took on the

Duties of stars.

Your spirit shone in the leather

Blinded me with its perfume

You smelled of summer; cedarwood and

Sand from the bottom of the ocean

Pure as the deep cold water

Touched by moonlight.

Your ribs twist ivy into your spine

White, the bones reach for the edge of the world

Intertwine with the galaxy where I touched you

Curved, your vertebrae emanate hope.

Ink is running low. Like velvet, it drapes

Off you. Shadows and moonlight pool in the folds

I race against the quill to meet you but

You are unwritten; a seed planted and

Watered with the delicate scent of

Petals dropping

Into the cicada-glittered night.

Written by: Jaya Avendel 

Website: NinChronicles 

Twitter: AvendelJaya

Instagram: nin_chronicles

Title: ‘Connected In This Moment, 

a soft caress down my cheek

as we lay face to face

naked within the silk sheets

-we start from the top-

your emerald eyes hold

mine in a longing gaze


hands cold to the touch

at first, but passion ignites

as both our bodies relax

now intertwined together

-in this moment connected-

goosebumps chill me


your fingers moving gently

lovingly down my spine,

your exposed porcelain skin,

such a stark contrast

to the fire burning within you.


our movements unplanned,

yet we’re perfectly in sync

-each body craving the other-

as desire chooses the pathway

for this merging of two souls

and flesh, that all-consuming


passion being contained here

in this small space together

-am I still just dreaming of you-

where whispers and kisses

are exchanged, our love now

deeper and fuller than before.

Written by: Brianna Malotke

Title: ‘Jasmine, 

Dark purple was the jasmine’s rising sun on the crawl. But I don’t think of this color unsuitable on me. A flower of fragrance conjuring up notes through this wind from the mountain. Traveling, like the art of wandering on the road through the weeds of time, of which there is no time for a prowl in the depths of…….. I forgot. 

I forgot. I forgot 

for a minute where I was. In front of the jasmine, conjuring up notes of fragrance, the dreams, the trumpet calling “Jazz! Jazz!” “Where are you?” She hasn’t come yet. But the loudness of her presence is here. Already.

I suddenly feel the breeze going to the sea, fresh out of salt, fresh of jasmine, fragrant and light. Stroking enough to push me. But forward or backwards, that I do not know.

I suddenly shot up Still dark with the birds chirping. I am not here or there with the jasmine.

She’s not here yet. 

Not yet. I don’t know when.

But not right now. And not yet.

Written by: Béa Chahine

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