Earth, from afar I feel your vein

whisper slowly with my heart.

Whereas in yonder I fought

for a bright moment for being apart.

As I am forsaken, blindsided,

I feel our nemesis thrive to depart.

Thus I am lost in a world

with no trust to your art.

Here I am, alone with my lonely angel,

where she spoke softly to my ears.

To my apathy, wherein I remember,

you have been hiding in my tears.

As I, your sorrow, bleed with pain

I sought for nothing more than my fears.

Blood falling from my eyes,

as I have seen many die for endless years.

I Behold, none the wiser,

a broken fragment for my peers.

Seek for my devourment  

and you shall find my last rope.

For this had to be my first,

therefore, she granted my last hope.

I pray,

I pray,

as I hear my pope.

For I am in eternal depth,

as I sought for my light,

the darkness beholds my envelope.

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