Part 1

With A crying owl I defeated my

reason to listen to my heartline.

Oh’ the hearer of my own thoughts,

listen to my last, open, spoken line.

Here I  sleep with the rulers of my past

as they conquer and dance with my life-sign.

I Am helpless, defenceless and broken,

to as the mirror in your reflection is mine.

So, see the fall in my presence

as I arise for the very first time.

To where my future aligns

I sought for a simple climb.

Here I count my passing clouds

therefore, clocks fall during night-time.


Part 2

Part 3 

Part 4 

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18 responses to “‘Owl,”

  1. This interchange of words is interesting, usually one claims the reflection in mirror. What was your feeling that made you swap it? Just curious to know-
    “to as the mirror in your reflection is mine ”

    Hi jojo, it’s been such a long time. How you doing?

    Now back to the title, 🦉. Owl really matches those night feelings when your past comes back to haunt you. And what you need is a leap of faith.

    – Best wishes,
    Nebula ( since it’s soo long I better introduce myself )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nebulaaa, you should never reintroduce yourself, dear 😉

      To answer your question; I have decided to use ” to as the mirror in your reflection is mine” for the simple fact off; sometimes we forget who or whomever we are, until someone else reminds you of your ‘person’. We evolve into something beautiful everyday and sometimes we shouldn’t forget that mirror we reflect on others.

      I have been doing fine, nebula. How have you been doing?

      Taking A leap of faith is why I am still alive♥️🙏🏽


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