Because this must be

my last sight that I see.

Where I breath with my tide

as I flow with the night sea.

In a timeless world

I reach for my sky in thee.

Where I have seen my fall

as there is always hope in he.

The morrow in my afternoon

has spoken to plea.

Thus, I surrender my moment

with the sky of my lost tree.

To use that moon no more

as the bright star we steal.

For I have eternal pain

wandering at the end we feel.

So, Here I fall on my knees

as you are my reason to kneel.

My father, I ask thee;

“what do I have to do to heal?”

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10 responses to “‘Cure,”

      • Indeed, my friend. sometimes we are so invested in moving on with scattered pieces inside us that still need collecting and mending, I hope it get easier for everyone through time!


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