What is my destination?

I asked myself.

Would I or Would I not be proud

to know that I have done none oneself?

Would I want more if less was possible

as I have everything and nothing on my shelf.


For these question I occur my heart

as her vein pumps blood through my soul.

For her eternity she waltzes over the midnight

as the morning is once whole.


Thus once again, I feel her energy,

but nevertheless with peace of mind.

Feel what I feel, see what I see,

smell what I smell and occur me blind.


So have me for a while,

but remember; “She is a imagination.”

Therefore, she ruled over my head

and ought to listen to her heart-vibration.


Her rhythm slowly luster in eyesight

where I was one with her wave.

then I sought for my future

as I am six feet under my grave.

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17 responses to “‘Hollow,”

  1. this was a really nice poem I think i get what the poem means “as her vein pumps blood through my soul.

    For her eternity she waltzes over the midnight” these are some lines I particularly liked !

    Liked by 1 person

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