My land, my father,

what have you become?

Show me your lost,

your dead, your tears

under my cherry plum.

For I, open up, to you

while you find them.

It is I, whom follows you,

until the night closes my eyes.

Where I have the endless hope

for you and me to meet again

with no ties. Here I see,

where my flowers bloom,

the beauty in your lies.

Therefore, with lost souls,

I ask you to open the

darkened blue skies.

Thus I need your light

to brighten my world

before she dies.

Your land, my mother,

what can we be?

Show me your beauty,

your life, your hope

under my sea.

For I, close up, to you

while I find my plea.

It is I, whom follows you,

until the night is free.

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