Thus my words were spoken;

“My heart has been woken,

to plight my vow

I shall be bespoken.

In faith my heart

beholds unbroken.”

To flow with lunar in lone waters

I surrender over to lone and death.

For tears that slide down from

the sky, I hold my last breath.

By the night off eclipse

shadows fall over my skin.

From the far north a light

guides me from the begin.

For the heart that glows,

I sacrifice my last sin.  

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With much love & inspiration written by me,

Stamp of approval

7 responses to “‘Plight,”

  1. Where do I start? A part of this poem speaks to me but then so do other parts. The ending is wow. I need to think on that. “Sacrifice” “last sin”, powerful and yet.. so tragic. Or is it anger?

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  2. And my heart has sunk….. I’m utterly breathless. You never cease to amaze jj…. Each line is BEAUTIFUL. Wow. Painfully beautiful ❤️🌹

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